Does Your Vision About Life Scare You?

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When creating a detailed vision about your life, dream a dream so big, it scares you.


The problem, I notice when people start setting goals and working towards them, is that they do not think big enough.


Why sell yourself short when you could be living the life of your wildest dreams?


Your reality is a mere reflection and manifestation of your thoughts. Your lack of imagination is stifling your dreams.


Do your goals scare you?


If your goals do not scare you, you’re not dreaming and thinking big enough. You are also selling yourself short by thinking you are not worthy of what you’re trying to achieve.


It’s true, we can’t all be Beyoncé. However, we can take some pointers from her—her work ethic—and create the future we want to live.


When an idea presents itself, build on it to create the big picture you already have in your mind.


Do not allow fear and ignorance to stop you from doing exactly what you want. 


The more you learn about what you’re trying to achieve, the more your fear will dissipate.


I believe it is better when your goals, dreams, and vision about life scare you. It makes achieving what you imagined more exhilarating. 


That feeling of accomplishment will radiate from your core, reassuring you that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.


So, are you dreaming big enough?


Many indicators will shine a light on whether you are dreaming big enough or not. A prime indicator is how you talk about your dreams to others and your approach to the idea of bringing your dreams to life.


When you realize that most people are indifferent to what you do with your life, you will begin to break free from your mental shackles and do the work.


Keep your great ideas to yourself and only include the trusted people, who are willing to help you move forward.


Say less and do more.


It is better to give more than what was promised than fail to deliver on a promise. 


Big dreams will take more time to complete, and not every goal you have will hold your interest. Sometimes while working on a particular goal you will have an epiphany that you’re no longer interested in bringing that goal to life.


Circumstances and life change continuously.


The things you might love to do now will certainly change a few years from now.


Think back to when you were in school, about all the wishes and dreams you had that you were one hundred percent certain would never change. How many of those dreams still interest you? How many of them are now downright silly?


A few years from now, you will look back to this period in time and ask yourself those same questions and wonder why you were ever interested in half of the things you’re currently so adamant about.


Create a defined path by researching more into why you want to accomplish the things you do.


Work in silence. When the time is right, reveal your work to the whole world. 


Can your vision change the world?


Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own world that we forget how the world needs our ideas and inputs to help it grow.


You might not believe that your small act of kindness could affect anyone, but the person receiving that kindness will have a different story to tell.


As the lyrics for Dennis Brown’s cover song No Man Is An Island states; 


No man is an island

No man stands alone

Treat each man as your brother

And remember, each man’s dream is your own


It reminds us that we all need each other to make this thing called life work.


Be careful who you trust


Achieving your life vision will require the expertise of other people to help bring it to life. Venturing out on your own is both selfish and unwise. Avoid stupid mistakes and setbacks by including people, who will help you bring the dream come to life, not only for your benefit but for the benefit of mankind.


That’s the level where your vision about life should exist. Your overall goal in life shouldn’t only benefit you; it should help everyone around you. If this concept scares you, then you’re moving in the right direction.


So to sum it all up, find the root of your vision, create a vision board, and determine how your dreams can benefit others. Venture out on a silent journey to bring your dreams to fruition. 


You have a responsibility to better yourself, the lives of others, and the world.


In short, your dreams should scare you enough to want to change the world. 


Journal prompts

Answer these important questions in your journal today. 


  • Does your vision of life scare you?
  • Is your great vision about life solely for yourself, or does it benefit others?
  • How can you incorporate the benefit of others in your quest for a better life?


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