Do You Have A Personal Vision For Your Life?

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Take a deep look into the mirror. What exactly do you see? Is your life going according to plan? 


Do you have a personal vision? 


Creating the life that you envision takes time to plan and execute. It’s not enough to just daydream about what your life would look like. You have to be willing to put in the work. 


Did you win that contest you joined to push your abilities to the next level or did you expand your knowledge?


Life is like a contest. You push yourself to achieve a goal and push harder to do a better job than you did the first time around. 


Thinking of things to do might come easy but you might be lacking the drive to put those thoughts into action. 


The thing is: you can sit back, relax, and daydream of a better world all day long but the moment you start making a plan to create that world is the moment everything changes. 


When you realize that your goal is just a few more tasks away, the drive you need will kick in automatically and send you on cruise control. 


Close your eyes and dream of the future. What do you see? What do you feel?


Why create a personal vision


Have you ever tried assembling something insanely complicated and find yourself just staring at the work instead of doing it? That’s what you’re doing with your life if you don’t have a personal vision. 


You’ll become a bystander in your own life. Watching but never truly experiencing. Seeing but never being. You’ll start to compare yourself with others, which will lead to a spiral of emotions that lands you in a gloomy mood. 


It’s okay to not know where you want to go in life. What’s not okay is doing nothing to elevate your life. 


You have a vision of your life in your mind. You daydream about better days all the time. Use those daydreams as inspiration to create your personal vision statement and start building the life you want to live. 


Daydreams are not a lack of focus; they’re your mind showing you what you truly desire. 


I daydream about sunny days on the beach, showing people that you can live the life of your dreams. My vision in life is to show not tell. If I can do it, then anyone can. 


I do think that I’m incredibly lucky even though luck has nothing to do with it. I make plans and work to bring them to life. Determination and a personal vision of freedom drive me to put in the work. What drives you to transform your daydreams into reality?


What is a good personal vision statement?


If your vision means you well, then it’s a good vision. You are the sole judge of what makes something good. You and I are two different people from different backgrounds. Even my sister, who I grew up with, has a drastically different background than I do. If something is good for me, it might not necessarily be good for you.


How do you write a personal vision statement?


In your journal create three columns and label them: 


Things I have | Things I need | Things for the future


Start very broad and list everything that comes to mind. 


What do you daydream about often?


Write a paragraph in detail to help you see your vision in words. 


Decipher everything you wrote. Compare your list to your daydream and eliminate what doesn’t boost or fit your vision. 


Minimize your list till you are at the bare minimum. This is where you’ll start. 


For example,

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Things I have | a job, an apartment, food, clothes, savings, freshwater

Things I need | money, food, freshwater, the beach, love

Things for the future | passive income, living financially free, travel anywhere I desire, surrounded by love



Lounging on a beach chair the umbrella blocks the harsh sun from my skin. The heat seeps deep into my bones and the air I breathe in is mixed with the sea and fresh fruits. I don’t have to think about how much this costs because it’s all paid for. I’m just relaxing and reading this book till I fall asleep. 


Analyzing example:

To live a life of financial freedom, I must create a way to make money while I lounge on the beach. Will having a job at a set location or having a job at all do that for me or will I need to create new ventures to fuel this dream? 


The clothes and shoes that I currently buy, will they last me more than one season or am I wasting my money trying to impress strangers?


How do I create a passive income that will fuel my traveling dream and be financially free?



Begin research to discover I love doing that will keep generating money passively. 


Example of a personal vision

To travel indefinitely, live financially free while making money passively.


You might not have plans to travel at all. Given the world’s current circumstances, you might stick with traveling in your home country. But this is where we differ. My dreams will be different than yours. Find what you desire and work backward. 


When you know where you’re going, it becomes easier to find the route that will get you there. Your mission in life is to live it exactly the way you want. Use your daydreams to uncover what you truly desire and go for it. 


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