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Creative Ideas For A Vision Board

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Fun ideas for a vision board

Visualizing your goals and dreams is the best way to stay on track as you work towards them. Some people go wild with their imaginations while others might have a bit of a problem seeing in their mind’s eye what they desire. Creating a vision board helps boost your visualization power and gives your brain a vivid image of what it is you actually desire. 

Creating a vision board can be the easiest and most fun-filled thing you’ll do when it comes to manifestation. It’s basically arts and crafts with a power boost— the boost being your desire to create the life you’re laying out in images. But before I dive into what a vision board should include let’s first explore what a vision actually is. 

What is a vision board?

Have you ever done scrapbooking? You know, cutting up images and words and pasting them on a blank sheet of paper to create a new piece of art? 

You’ve probably done it in school. I remember the scraps of paper leftover from the images I massacred. The Elmer’s glue would be all over my hands and floor by the time I finished with my project. It was a mess! But, a fun mess. Putting all the images together to create something unique made me happy.

A vision board has the same makeup as the little projects we used to do as kids, but with a bigger meaning. Search for images that visualize what your life will look like a few months or years from now. 

Creating a vision board gives you a clear vision of what it is you’re working towards. Just like journaling, a vision board gets your ideas out of your head and onto paper.

What should a vision board include?

Do you have your heart set on buying a Lamborghini for yourself one day or do you have a desire to build sustainable homes for the future generation?

Whatever your heart desires, you should include it on your vision board.

Words, images, symbols, and ideas should be included. 

You’re creating a visual road map for your life.

How do you make a good vision board?

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Is there such a thing as a good vision board? I’d have to say no. A vision board is personal, it’s the things you desire assorted on a page or an actual board. 

You add your essence to it; it’s not for anyone else. I don’t advise sharing it on social media because it’s your private desires. If you’ve outgrown a previous board then feel free to show that to the world. 

The visuals you choose and arrange are unique to you. No one else has to know without your permission. 

Judging the aesthetics of your vision board is judging yourself based on the perspective of others. This is about you and you only, no one else. 

Make it messy or make it neat. Whatever you do, just make it you. 


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How to make a vision board


There are two ways you can create your vision board, analog or digital. 

The analog vision board

Going the old school analog way you will be forced to become very hands-on when creating your vision board. 

Think, magazines everywhere, scissors, glue sticks, and tape. The whole process will likely take a few hours from finding and cutting out the photos that speak to you and arranging them on your board. 

The digital vision board

Since technology makes everything easier, you might prefer to make your vision board online or with a software. 

Photoshop, Canva, and other photo collage apps make browsing ideas and creating a vision board easy. 

Most apps or programs have a learning curve ranging from easy—Canva— to complicated —Photoshop.

As long as the app brings your vision to life, it doesn’t matter which ones you choose.


4 Digital software for creating vision boards






Creating a vision board in three steps


Step 1. Determine your board size

How big do you want your vision board? Do you want it small enough to take up two pages of your journal or big enough where you can hang it in your office or bedroom? 

Choosing the right size will help you determine how you want to use your board. 

You might end up making the board too big, or you might want it small enough to serve as a daily reminder of what you’re working towards. 

Determine your purpose and you’ll know what size to make. 

Step 2. Finding images

The next step when making any vision board —analog or digital— is finding and choosing your images. 

Magazines are perfect when trying to find images and ideas for a vision board. 

If you’re going the digital route, use a free image website to find your inspirational photos. 

Websites to choose from:






Questions to ask when choosing photos for your board

What is the purpose of this vision board? Career, personal, or both?

What do I daydream about having and doing?

Should I set a time frame for this board?

How detailed do I want this board to be?

Step 3. Creating your board

After you’ve sifted through all the photos and different ideas for your vision board, it’s time to put it together. 

Set aside an hour or two and get to work. Choosing the size of the board and photos were the preliminary steps to this one. This step is what you’ve been waiting for. 

Start cutting, and pasting your board into reality. 

Vision board checklist

Analog board:






Digital board:

Software/collage app

Stock Images from free website

Vision board examples

Navigating This Space - vision board example

Navigating This Space - digital vision board

Add your creativity to your board! Use your handwriting, your notes, and drawings to make it more personal. Create a vision board for the pets you’d love to adopt in the future, for the house you’d love to reside in. The places you’d love to visit and the foods you’d love to eat. 

Follow your creative ideas for a vision board to the extreme and make it however it pleases you. Remember this is your vision for your life so do what you want.


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