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30 Powerful Journal Prompts About Change

butterfly changing from a cocoon representing changes in life

Change is inevitable in life. It is a challenging thing to handle without guidance, especially when it comes to change within yourself. Many questions may arise, such as “Am I enough?” or “Will I ever reach my goals?” 

But, what if you took some time to explore these questions through journaling to understand your capabilities?

Every decision you make in life has a profound impact on your future, so why not make an educated, wise choice

In this blog post, there are 30 journal prompts about change for you to get in touch with your feelings and thoughts. These journal prompts can help you gain clarity and perspective about the changes occurring in your life.

Why Journal About Change?

A bird navigating the space showing that positive change is constant

It’s important to know what’s going on in your head before you try to make grand changes externally.

Personal growth heavily depends on connecting with your mind and spirit, and writing prompts helps you have a deep conversation with yourself. 

Journaling about changes happening in your life is also an excellent way to get out of your comfort zone.

Taking the time every day or week to sit down and process what’s going on internally and externally will assist you with overcoming the fear of the unknown. It will allow you to let go of your past self easier.

To write about your struggles and how you overcame them is empowering.

The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel about your hard work and dedication to better yourself will increase your courage to tackle any new challenges that may arise.

Journal Prompts for Processing Change

  1. How do I feel about the change in general, and how has it impacted my life so far?
  2. What are some of the most significant changes that have happened in the past month?
  3. Does everything happen for a reason, or can anything happen by chance?
  4. Have I ever experienced an “aha” moment when something shifted and changed for the better? When was the last time?
  5. What’s one thing I would like to change about myself (and why)? 
  6. Why do people resist change even though they know it’s necessary sometimes?
  7. What habits have I changed in the past year? How has it affected me?
  8. How has my morning routine changed in the past three months?
  9. Describe one of the most significant changes I’ve had to make recently. How I’m processing it? (part 1/3)
  10. Was the change positive or negative? If positive, how? If negative, how? (part 2/3)
  11. What was the most challenging part about making this change, and what did I learn from it? (part 3/3)
  12. How is my current life different compared to five years ago?
  13. Have I gone through any significant changes recently that have challenged my way of thinking?
  14. What was the hardest change I’ve had to make, and how long did it take for me to accept it?
  15. When have I felt most defeated by a change in my life, and what helped me get through that time period?
  16. How have I been helpful to other friends and family on their journey through significant changes? What advice, tips, or ideas did I share?
  17. What is the first thing I did today that made me feel like my life changed for the better (or worse)?
  18. How do I welcome change into my life? Do I fear it or embrace it?
  19. What is it about change that makes me feel uncomfortable, and why?
  20. What do I think of the quote “Nothing changes if nothing changes?”
  21. How have my priorities changed in the past few months/years? Do I like how they’ve shifted?
  22. When was the last time I got lost on a creative venture?
  23. Which person in my life can I be myself around and express who I really want to be without fear of judgment?
  24. What peace of mind would I have if I stopped resisting changes in life?
  25. What challenge is causing me stress right now?
  26. Do I feel free to do what I want? Explain why or why not.
  27. How powerless do I think I am?
  28. What makes the challenge I’m facing now more complex than the ones I’ve overcome before?
  29. How much control do I have in my world?
  30. What kind of changes must I make to expand into the person I’ve always wanted to be?

Personal Growth Is About Accepting Change

A light bulb signifying the satisfying feelings that comes with making positive change

What you choose to focus on in your life does matter. Your happiness comes from the inside, not what other people think of you.

The thoughts and emotions that run through your mind are 100% within your control. You can achieve exactly what you want in life.

However, you must believe that you can and accept that the hardships you’re facing are only a preparation to get you where you desire.

If you do nothing else for the day, ponder this next question for a few hours or days:

If you could have stayed the same person you were a year ago, do you think you would have been able to accomplish the goals you have, gained the insights you’ve acquired, and appreciate the value of the search to one day become your authentic self?

Write it all down; all the thoughts, emotions, feelings, doubts, hope, and dreams you have. Be proud and grateful that you are experiencing change. It’s a positive sign that you are growing.

A prompt a day takes the mental fog away.

Fill your journal pages with every idea you have, every perspective you gain, every positive habit you incorporate, and every toxic habit you release. This will help you to see the patterns that formed when you review your written words.

Create a safe space for yourself to practice mindfulness, love, and gratitude through every struggle.

The way you deal with change in life can either make or break you.

Choose to build or reinforce your mental toughness by writing in a journal every day.

Positive change starts with one word written down on paper and then another. Before you know it, the fog begins to clear, and your purpose becomes more visible.

Grab a journal and start writing. You won’t regret it.

Let me know what you think about these journaling prompts in the comment section below.

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Jody is a creative writer, artist, graphic designer, and a digital nomad who also helps people live more fulfilling lives by finding creative solutions to their personal growth and development problems and lifestyle challenges.

4 thoughts on “30 Powerful Journal Prompts About Change”

    1. Jody

      Thanks for commenting Krysten, you really should start journaling again, there are so many benefits to experience that you may be missing out on

  1. I love any posts that have to do with change! I’m definitely going to look into a few of these questions the next time I sit down a journal. I’ve fallen out of the habit a bit, but i am hoping it is something I will get back into. Lovely post 🙂

    1. Jody

      Yes Stephanie, use these prompts! Also, stop hoping and just start doing it, you’ll be glad you did. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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