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Top 5 Best Crystals To Collect For Beginners

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Crystal collecting for beginners – a quick and easy guide


Did you know that a snowflake is a crystal? It is created when a single ice crystal fuses with other ice crystals and falls to the earth as snow. I’m not a fan of cold weather, but I do love the snow. And now, I have a new understanding and appreciation for snowflakes!

Crystal Collecting For Beginners

Collecting crystals and learning about their unique energy properties is a fascinating experience, especially for beginners. Just when you think you understand a stone, you read something else and your mind is blown! I love that explorative feeling I get when I encounter a new crystal…I want to know everything!

First let me say, congratulations on your crystal collecting journey. This is an amazing path and you will not be disappointed.

What are crystals and how are they formed?

Crystals are a form of mineral created with liquids, insanely high temperatures, and an immense amount of pressure. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and they all serve a purpose. Each crystal has different meanings and healing properties. Some are similar in structure but may have very different uses, so it’s imperative that you research a type of crystal thoroughly before you take the plunge and start buying.


Are raw crystals better?

A raw crystal is the pure, unpolished version of a crystal before it undergoes the beatification process. If you’re buying crystals just for aesthetic purposes, I suggest you go the polished route. For healing and spiritual purposes, I recommend the natural, raw crystals. The stone reflects the intricate and delicate work of Mother Earth over millions of years. Even though I do not believe that a crystal loses its healing properties by being polished, I do prefer the feel and quality of an unaltered stone. 


How do you recharge crystals?

Whenever you buy a new crystal it is imperative that you cleanse it. The crystal traveled far and wide, has been in many hands, and had contact with several different energies before it found its way to you.


The cleansing of a crystal removes all the energies it previously encountered and restores it to its purest form. This is basic 101 crystal collecting for beginners’ knowledge.


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5 Ways To Recharge And Cleanse Your Crystals


Full Moon Light

Leave your crystals outside or on the windowsill during a full moon.



For warm colored crystals (the oranges, reds, and the yellows), recharge and cleanse them in sunlight. Don’t leave them in the sun for too long or their colors will fade.



Use the smoke from a Sage stick or a Palo Alto stick to energetically cleanse your crystal. Hold the crystal over the smoke for a few minutes or until you feel that it has been cleared from all the energies it has come into contact with.



Place your crystal on some soil or, if you prefer a deep cleansing, bury the crystal in the earth.



Singing bowls and tuning forks vibrate at a frequency that clears the negative energies from you and your crystals.

I use the smudging method very often because it’s the most convenient. There’s always a Sage smudge stick in my home. I also love how a singing bowl feels when it’s activated. I’ve yet to buy one because I haven’t met the one that speaks to me spiritually yet but I have very high hopes of finding that special one very soon.


“Everything is vibrational frequency, we know this and accept this scientifically. So, think of it this way – crystals all emanate different vibrational frequencies depending on their colour, crystal structure and size.”  – Jessica Lahoud

Where should you keep your crystals?

Some crystals are meant to be worn while some are meant to be placed in your environment. Do extensive research to ensure you are using the crystal properly to experience its full benefits. In the list below, I specify the use of the crystals most recommended for beginners and how they should be applied.

My crystal recommendations for beginners to start their collection:



Clears the mind and brings peace and tranquillity to any environment. Can be worn or placed in your environment.

Black Tourmaline 

Gets rid of negative energies and attracts positive ones. Carry with you to protect yourself from negative energies.

Black Obsidian 

Shields you from negative energies and clears the fog around your aura. It also stimulates your shamanic abilities to find the truth you seek. It can be worn or placed in your environment.

Tiger’s Eye

Another stone for protection, it is believed to bring good luck for the wearer. Best if worn instead of leaving in an environment.

Clear Quartz 

Used for the alignment and opening of the crown chakra, clear quartz clears the mind and assists with better communication. It emanates energetic vibrations outwards into its surroundings so it’s best to leave it in your environment, preferably in your meditation room or on your altar.

If this has piqued your interest, may I suggest one of the best books to help you understand crystals and how to properly use them: Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals by Karen Frazier

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