How To Set Full Moon Intentions

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The full moon shining in its glory, lighting up the night skies, lasts for three days. Every month of the year, you get a chance to set your full moon intentions and complete your full moon rituals.


Why set full moon intentions?


The full moon represents the end of the lunar cycle which started with the new moon. With every full moon, there’s a new opportunity to reflect on your personal and professional progress and evaluate what you’ve done and give gratitude for what you’ve accomplished.


The farmer’s almanac gives an accurate description of the exact date and time to expect the full moon. If you pay attention to your mood, you’ll come to see that you are in tune with the shifts of the celestial energies; you feel the difference between a full moon and a new moon. 


When the energies of the moon are at their fullest, that’s the time to cleanse and recharge your crystals.


What does the full moon represent?


Each full moon carries a different meaning. From the Beaver moon which signals you to start preparing for the colder months to the Wold moon which tells you that it’s the dead of winter and the hungry wolves are out searching for food.


The different names of the moon came from ancient hunter-gatherer tribes who used the moon to track the season and the crops. These practices are still applicable today but with modernization, the moon has become only a pretty thing in the night sky.


The moon plays an important part in our lives here on earth. You’ve seen all the movies about the moon being destroyed and taking the earth out with it. Well, it’s all true. Without the moon, there would be fewer waves in the ocean, the earth would not stay in its orbit and, more than likely, mass extinction would shortly follow.


What to do when setting full moon intentions


Cleanse your space

Burn sage, palo santo, or use singing bowls. The moon is at its peak and taking advantage of that energy will enhance the energies in your home. Cleansing your space rids the surroundings of negative energies that might be lurking around. Cleansing your space during a full moon supercharges the positive energies and you may feel the electricity in the air after a good cleansing.


Cleanse and recharge your crystals 

An effective way to charge or recharge your crystals is to leave them out in the full moon’s light so they can absorb the energies of the moon. Since the full moon happens every month, your crystals will get a boost of energy to power you through the rest of the month.


Invite positivity in

Solidify your full moon intentions by inviting positivity, love, happiness, and abundance or prosperity into your home and yourself. Tell the moon what your desires are and trust that, at the opportune time, you’ll receive it.


Whenever you’re setting intentions, be mindful that you’re not trying to control the outcome. Control blocks you from receiving your blessings how they want to come to you. The more you let go, the more you get. 


Be positive, be loving, let go of all unnecessary baggage, and go with the flow, that’s how you set full moon intentions. Now go forth and set those intentions for the next full moon.



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