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How To Set New Moon Intentions

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The moon is a powerful celestial being, guiding the energies of us here on earth. It’s associated with feminine energy and women draw on its power every cycle. Setting new moon intentions is one way to access the powerful energy of the moon.


The new moon marks the beginning of eight lunar phases and the full moon marks the end of that cycle. 


Representing a time when soil is wet and fertile, farmers used to track the phases of the moon so they could plant their seeds during the new moon. 


Setting intentions during the new moon is like planting your seed, energetically. You’re telling the universe what you want to accomplish during the next cycle and the universe takes your intentions and helps you to manifest them by the time that cycle comes to a completion, the full moon.


I first learned about new moon rituals earlier this year. I attended a new moon drumming ritual and I was amazed. There was a whole world out there that I felt drawn to but never knew how to find, and my partner and I found it with some beautiful women.


We drummed, chanted, meditated, and shared our energies freely. No judgments, no negativity, just pure, female, powerful energies celebrating a new start together. 


That is what a new moon represents: the celebration of a new start.


Ask The Universe 


Asking the universe for what you want will help to actualize your goals and dreams for that new cycle. Being specific and detailed is imperative when attracting exactly what you want. Think about what it is you really desire and speak it to the moon.


When the moon is in its first phase, it’s invisible to us but that’s when it’s the most powerful. It’s ushering in a new beginning, a new cycle, and new opportunities to help you with all your goals and dreams. 


There’s no right or wrong way to make your desires known to the universe. Whatever way you feel is right within you. Go with it.


Motivational Quote by Bryant McGill


“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.” ― Bryant McGill


What should you do on a new moon?


Before setting your new moon intentions, you should partake in a period of reflection and think about what you’ve accomplished in the past cycle. Evaluate where you’ve been and what dreams you were able to bring into reality. This will aid you in finding your path. 


For a guide to starting your self-reflection practice and to learn why reflection important, read this article.


Setting Intentions


Your journey towards finding your truest divine self is a personal and powerful journey. No-one can tell you what to do step-by-step. You’ll find your groove when you decide to take that first step. I can only share with you a few guidelines and my experiences, it’s up to you to choose whether you’d like to incorporate them or not.


When setting intentions, you can go about it two ways. You can write down your intentions which I highly recommend, or say them out loud. I do a combination of both. 


Writing on physical paper with a pen engages the brain and solidifies what your thoughts are. There are a lot of benefits to handwriting and I believe when you write your goals, you are more likely to accomplish them, so applying the same mentality to your new moon intentions will only benefit your effort and energy.


How do you write new moon intentions?


I’ll give an example of my new moon intentions to make this simple process easier.


“My intentions for this new moon cycle are great health, an abundance of love, joy, wealth, and success.“


Simple and to the point. 


My intentions are clear and I’ve specifically stated what I’d like to achieve during this cycle. Solidify what you desire to the universe and you’ll receive guidance in bringing your desires to life which is the next step, the goal-setting step. 


Since everyone desires something different in their lives, don’t be discouraged if you hear or read someone else’s intentions. Use their intentions as a resource to keep building and bettering yourself.


You are great just as you are and your desire to become a better version of yourself proves that you are evolving into your divine self, one intention at a time.


Take time for yourself, celebrate your life experiences, and keep setting intentions towards living the life you desire, the life of your dreams.


Power of Words


“Powerful words come with powerful intent. Where you have passion, strength, courage, and determination you can accomplish anything!” ― K.L. Toth


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