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10 Empowering Affirmation Questions

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Truly believing that you can achieve anything you set your mind to comes with a great self-power and confidence. Tapping into that power will take dedication and inner work. Asking yourself empowering affirmation questions is one way to unlock your true potential and become a better version of yourself.


What does affirmation mean to you?


We all have desires, goals, and dreams that we are actively working to achieve. Stating your intention for desiring a particular goal is the first step in any affirmation process. Utilizing positive thinking and self-power will guide you to achieve any and all of your intentions.


Affirming that you are worthy of your desires sends a declaration letter to the universe and the divine that you are ready to take the next step or achieve the next goal in your life.


Positive affirmations 


If you’ve been creating numerous lists of positive affirmations for as long as you can remember and nothing seems to be manifesting in your life, the problem can be one of two main reasons. 


One, you’re asking for the wrong thing and the universe knows that if you are granted that thing, it will only bring you pain and suffering.


Or two, your feelings are not in sync with your desires.


“I am” affirmations, though powerful, do not work without all the correct ingredients. 


I explain in-depth in this article why it’s more beneficial to ask affirmation questions than it is to do “I am” affirmations.


Change your Mindset 


Changing your mindset can and will drastically change your life. Knowing how to ask for something will increase your chances of getting your desires. When you ask yourself positive questions, you trick your brain into solving a problem that wasn’t a problem to begin with.


Asking affirmation questions achieves the same result as writing a list of positive affirmations over and over again. Asking the questions gives your subconscious a task to complete which makes it more effective in the long run.


Ask affirmation questions until you truly believe you are worthy of what you’re asking for and then utilize your list of positive affirmations to keep reinforcing your divine power to yourself.


10 empowering affirmation questions to ask yourself


Why am I so physically fit?

Why do I eat so healthy?

Why am I financially free?

Why do I have so much love around me?

Why do I only attract positive things to my life?

Why am I so lucky?

Why do I have such great positive people around me?

Why am I living the life of my dreams?

Why am I always in a great mood?

Why am I the best at what I do?


You are worthy of your happiness, your goals, and your dreams. Never give up on yourself.


What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny - Robin S. Sharma


“What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny.” — Robin S. Sharma


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  1. Scout

    I love your comment about the universe knowing what’s best for you and how these questions start with “why” 🙂

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