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Forget I Am Affirmations. Ask Yourself These Questions Instead

Navigating this space - I am affirmations


I am affirmations are a declaration of what you want in your life. When you want to attract love and money, you can utilize the law of attraction. What you think, feel, and speak, you’ll attract. Those are the basics of the law of attraction.


Saying affirmations like ‘I am love’ and ‘I attract money in everything I do’ or ‘I am stronger than my anxiety and have nothing to fear’ can have a powerful effect on your life. But here’s a serious question: How are you going to declare something when you have a hard time convincing yourself that you’re worthy of that thing?


Your feelings matter most with I am affirmations


Affirmations only work when you add feeling to them. Bringing it back to the Law of Attraction 101 what you THINK and FEEL has the most impact. You have to feel what it would feel like if the affirmation you’re reciting does actualize for it to be effective. 


Honestly, that’s a hard thing to do. 


On days when the feeling of gratefulness is washing over you, it’s easy to repeat a grateful affirmation because you already feel grateful. Now, on the days when you feel like no-one cares and you can’t get out of the bed because it physically and mentally hurts, how will you successfully apply the right feeling to a self-love affirmation? 

Don’t get me wrong, I am affirmations are a great tool, but they do not always work.


Why I am affirmations don’t work


Repeating “I am, I am, I am,” without actually believing that YOU ARE is a major waste of time when that obnoxious, negative voice in your head keeps telling you over and over that you’re not worthy. 


Counteract that negative voice by asking yourself a question. Your brain is a supercomputer sitting in your head waiting to assist you when a problem is presented. Saying ‘I am’ does not present a problem. If you change your approach then you’ll have a different result.


On those low days when your self-love affirmations don’t work, ask yourself this question instead: “Why do I love myself so much?” or “Why is my life filled with so much love?” Your brain will send you answers because you’ve presented it a problem. It will reveal to you why your life is filled with love and those answers will silence the negative voice in your head.


It works the same way for money affirmations, instead of saying, “I am a money magnet” without actually believing that you are, try asking, “Why do I have so much money coming to me?” 


By simply switching from a statement to a question you’ll create the required positive feelings that are imperative for an affirmation to work. 


Ask Questions


Ask yourself questions and your brain will give you the answers— that is where your true power lies. 


On the occasions when your brain gives you a negative response, DO NOT take it lightly. This is a problem that you need to confront. Without confronting that negativity and breaking through it, you’ll sadly be keeping yourself in a negative frame of mind. 


Do not limit yourself because you’re scared to deal with your fears and traumas. Personal growth requires you to dig deep and pull all those negative beliefs out from your core in order for you to step into your full potential. 


So the next time you decide to recite an I am affirmation that you’re having trouble believing, do yourself a favor and ask yourself a question instead. Let that magical brain work for you and reap the rewards.


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