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How To Develop A Healthy And Positive Mindset

Navigating This Space - how to develop a positive mindset


It can be difficult to stay positive at all times, especially on days when feeling low seems to be the only thing you can feel. Learning how to develop a positive mindset will help you develop a healthy one. Sometimes, having a positive outlook is the key ingredient to creating a fulfilling life.


What is a positive mindset?

A person with a positive mindset is an optimist. They always see the glass half-full rather than half-empty. According to the National Institute of Health, optimistic people use the left hemisphere of their brain, which contributes to their self-confidence and their ability to manage challenges in life. On the other hand, a pessimistic person uses the right hemisphere of their brain and is more prone to low self-esteem. 


In other words: it’s all in the brain! 


Your brain determines whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist but the wonderful thing about the brain is that you can change how it works. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reshape the way it operates, so if you believe you’re naturally a pessimist, you can teach your brain to learn how to develop a positive mindset. 


How to maintain a positive mindset

It’s easy to think negatively in any situation. 


For example,

If I lost my notebook with all my valuable information about my business, it’s easy to give up and walk away because redoing everything is going to be downright annoying.


The upside to that situation would be acknowledging the benefits of the rework. I could now include things I previously missed on the first write-up and leave out things that didn’t fit.


It’s impossible to go through life and achieve your goals without a few obstacles to test your resilience. Every test comes with a lesson that is invaluable to your progress. If you choose to view every situation with this in mind, you’ll never have a problem with thinking positively.


The importance of a healthy mindset 

Having the mental capacity to tackle and solve any situation, no matter the complexity is the benefit of having a healthy mind.


A healthy mind thinks sharply and creatively, analyzes any dilemma in detail to find the most viable solution, and is mentally clear.


A healthy mind produces a healthy life.


Creating the environment to allow your mindset to grow and unlock its true potential requires you to make healthy choices both physically and mentally.


How do a positive mindset and a healthy mindset work together?

A balanced mind, body, and spirit create endless opportunities to explore and achieve your goals and dreams.


A positive mindset and a healthy mindset work hand in hand. One without the other can cause a few problems in the future.


For example,

Actively working on your goals requires you to spend extra time planning your ideas to bring your dreams to life. This extra required time starts to cut into your sleep schedule and your eating schedule. Without knowing, you’ve gone half the day without eating or drinking anything.


Focusing on your goals sometimes takes all your attention but you have to stay healthy as well. If you’ve worked yourself to the ground and achieved your goals, what good are they if you are too weak to enjoy the fruits of your labor?


Staying positive motivates you to keep working towards your dreams. Maintaining a healthy mindset helps you to enjoy your dreams.


How to develop a positive attitude in life


Start everyday on a positive note

Create a motivating morning routine that will help you to get in a positive frame of mind and stay there. Waking up thirty minutes earlier could make a huge difference between having a chaotic day or having a positive, relaxed day.


Avoid comparison 

Everyone is on a separate journey; comparing your life to others who seem to be doing great after their first attempt will only discourage you. Another person’s success should motivate you to accomplish your own. If you find yourself comparing and thinking you should be further ahead because of your age or any other factor, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Everything happens when it’s supposed to. Trying to rush the process will result in missed steps and unlearned lessons. 


Keep a gratitude journal

Giving gratitude for what you have sends a thank you note to the universe. It shows that you’re appreciative of where you are right now in your life. Even if you’re working to better yourself, being appreciative of how far you’ve come creates a sense of humbleness which promotes a positive and healthy mindset. Start a gratitude journal and give thanks for your life and everything in it.


Focus on the positive side of things

It’s easy to think negatively; challenge yourself to think about the positive outcome of situations instead of the negative. Actively changing the way you think will boost your confidence and overall positivity. Eliminate all the negative thoughts one-by-one and choose to become a better version of yourself. The choice is yours.


Developing a healthy and positive mindset doesn’t happen overnight so be gentle with yourself. Your bad habits took years to integrate, change those habits, and integrating positive, healthy habits might take you longer. 


It’s a life-long journey to better oneself, not a sprint.


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  1. Julie Russell

    I love this article explaining how to develop a positive mindset! You give me a great explanation about how it’s hard to stay positive, but it’s possible. I look forward to reading more articles!

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