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How to Create A Life Transformation, Healthy Morning Routine

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Mornings can be a lot of fun for early birds and a serious struggle for night owls. Creating a life transformation, healthy morning routine will help you to stabilize your mornings and start your days on a high note.


I’m a morning person so I magically get a burst of energy as soon as I wake up, I want to do everything and get the most done before my peak time has ended. 


Sometimes I too need an extra push to get moving especially when I’m exhausted. I’ve created a healthy morning routine checklist that I stick with even when I’m traveling. 


To be honest, some days —when my day starts before I roll out of bed— my morning routine will be pushed back until after I’ve done a whole lot, but I make sure that I press pause whenever I can and get my checklist completed.


Why create a healthy morning routine?


A stable morning helps to prepare you for any challenges the day might throw at you. If you wake up early enough, you’ll have more quiet time to be with your thoughts and allow yourself to relax before the chaos begins, which is something we all need to do more.


Allowing yourself the time you need to focus on yourself is necessary for your personal growth and development.


A chaotic mind cannot process things efficiently.


Creating a healthy morning routine 


The easiest way to add a new routine to your mornings is to create a checklist. Checklists make everything easier, it creates a simple map of how you want your day to start. 


I make a checklist for everything: I have a to-do list, a goal achievement checklist, and a random checklist for other tasks that I assign myself throughout the day. Checklists eliminate the chaos that can so easily take over if left unchecked.


How to create a healthy morning routine checklist


I’m a firm believer that you should only do the most difficult tasks during your peak periods. When you’re functioning at your full potential, there’s nothing that can stop your progress. Save the easier tasks and the tasks you enjoy doing for the times when you don’t feel like doing anything.


Include the suggestions below, in any order you see fit, to help extend your peak periods and get more things checked off your daily to-do list.



Stretching first thing in the morning is truly a life transformational activity. A simple five to ten minutes stretch might be all you need to get your blood circulating properly. There’s no need to do an hour-long yoga video every single morning unless that’s your intention. Stretching wakes up your body and gets you moving quicker.



Including at least ten to thirty minutes of meditation to your mornings will help you to become more aligned with yourself. To unlock your true potential, you must know who you truly are; meditation sets you on a path to receiving that information. On the plus side, it’s also rejuvenating and helps reduce stress.


Release your thoughts on paper

Journaling is the equivalent of having an intimate conversation with your inner self. Sometimes the thoughts you have won’t make any sense until you see it on paper, journaling helps to unravel your jumbled thoughts to help you create a plan for your life. For more benefits of journaling read this article.


Give Gratitude 

Give thanks for what you have because you might just get way more than what you need. Being grateful for your life as it is now, humbles and centers you while sending a thank you message to the universe. The universe is constantly helping you to achieve all your goals so take a moment to say thank you. You can even create a gratitude journal to dive deeper and be more detailed.


Read something motivational 

Starting the day feeling motivated adds an extra boost to your energy. Simply reading something that inspires motivation within you might be all you need to add that extra boost. I read this motivational message every morning and it hits all the different notes that inspire me and gets me ready to face the day.


Make and Eat Breakfast 

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. Always make a heart-healthy meal to get your body all the nutrients it needs to replenish and energize it for the day ahead. You can find a few simple plant-based breakfast options here.


Take your vitamins

The quality of food has been drastically deteriorating over the years. According to the Bionutrient Food Association, wheat grown 100 years ago had twice as much protein as the ones grown now. Taking your daily vitamins and supplements helps to fill the nutrition gaps missing in the food you’re eating. Vitamins are not only for kids and older adults. Everyone needs to take their multivitamins every day. 


Start your day

Whatever tasks you have to complete during your day, you’ll be prepped and ready to take it on with a smile. Follow your to-do list and accomplish those tasks one by one.


Creating a healthy morning routine should seamlessly meld with your personality, don’t force something that goes against your nature, as doing so will cause you to get frustrated and give up before you start reaping the healthy benefits. 


Only do what feels natural.


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Jody is a creative writer, artist, graphic designer, and a digital nomad who also helps people live more fulfilling lives by finding creative solutions to their personal growth and development problems and lifestyle challenges.

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