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10 Journal Prompts For Success

Navigating This Space-Journal prompts for success

Journal prompts for success


Success starts with an unhindered mindset. When all the barriers of the mind are broken down, there’s nothing that can stop you from being successful. To be successful, in simple words, is to accomplish a goal. It’s really that simple. If you set out on a journey to achieve something, you’re successful when you’ve achieved it. 


What does success mean to you? Is it money, clothes, fancy cars, and jewelry or is it the ability to do that thing you love doing? You are the one who is in control of your present and your future. The decisions you make and don’t make- right now- will inevitably shape your future. You hold all the power.


To access that unlimited power and achieve unlimited amounts of success, you have to break the bonds of limitations in your mind. To think it is to achieve it. There is always a way to get exactly what you want. The path is always present in front of you, the choice will always be yours.


A limited mind can only see a limited future.


Think about when you were a child, how did you view the world? To me, the world was a gigantic place where anything was possible. It didn’t matter what my immediate environment looked like, I was always dreaming of something bigger and better. At that time I couldn’t put it into words but laying on the roof at night looking up at millions of stars really put life into perspective when it came to the unlimited paths that one could take.


I still believe that anything is possible, and I also know that the key to success and the top requirements for success are determination, dedication, and consistency. There’s only one thing that’s above those requirements and you might already know exactly what it is — it’s love. Yes, love; love of what you do will allow you to feel like you’ve just been given the cheat codes to the game called life.


If You Love It, Keep Doing It!


Sometimes we all need a little pep talk to get moving towards our goal. One way that I’ve found very useful is to give yourself the pep talk you need. This comes in handy when no-one else is available. My favorite thing to do whenever I become frustrated and stuck is to take a hot shower and let the water calm my body and allow my mind to relax and let go. It’s important that you find that thing that will center you when you’re feeling all out of whack.


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom - Aristotle


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle


A guide to answering the journal prompts for success below:


Be honest! 

If you’re not being completely honest with yourself, you’ll only be setting yourself up for failure. Whenever you are hesitant to answer one of the questions below, that’s a clear indication of a limitation holding you back. Explore that hesitation deeper to unravel it. Every negative reaction or thought you have is a small task to be added to your to-do list.


Answer the questions in order

The questions were designed to help you release whatever it is that’s holding you back from success. Answering them in order will allow you to view the hidden lessons. 


Answer one question per day

Take the time to process the answers that your brain will give you. Some answers may trigger a deep emotional reaction. Yes, there’s a high possibility that you may cry, but tears are pain leaving the body, this is a normal and healthy reaction. Tears are an emotional release and you will feel a whole lot better after they’ve stopped streaming down your face. Keep writing through the tears, you are unlocking your full potential and that takes some serious work.


Talk to the one person who will never judge you

First, let me say this if you are talking to people who are constantly judging everything you do then you need to eliminate those people from your life. Yes, family members included. You do not need anyone around you who is unwilling to assist you when you need it the most. You do not need anyone who finds joy in tearing you down and making you feel like dirt. You do not need negative people who disguise their intentions as good. You can do whatever you want, be whomever you please, and be 100% happy without people to limit your abilities. You have the ultimate power and do not ever let anyone try to take that away from you.


Keep your phone near if you are having a hard time dealing with an answer that your brain just gave you. Call your best friend and tell them how you’re feeling, they’ll know exactly what to say every time. These are the people you must keep near you.


Tough times never last, but tough people do - Robert H. Schuller


“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” – Robert H. Schuller


10 Daily Journal Prompts For Success


  1. Who is the best leader I’ve ever had? What specific qualities do I admire?
  2. What are some small tasks that would make a positive difference every day?
  3. When do I feel like I am in the right place, doing exactly what I’m meant to do?
  4. What distractions am I allowing and how can I start to eliminate them?
  5. How is kindness represented in my work, and life and how can I incorporate more of it?
  6. Have I made a positive difference in others’ lives? How can I make even more of a positive difference?
  7. What do I want people to remember when I’m no longer around?
  8. What is one short-term goal that I want to be successful at right now? What’s holding me back?
  9. What is the first simple task I can start right now to bring my short-term goal to life?
  10. If not now, then when? (Write a specific date)


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Jody is a creative writer, artist, graphic designer, and a digital nomad who also helps people live more fulfilling lives by finding creative solutions to their personal growth and development problems and lifestyle challenges.

2 thoughts on “10 Journal Prompts For Success”

  1. Journaling has helped me to become a better person during this pandemic. I have been doing this every day, flexing my writing muscles. Looking forward for my first draft of writing.

    1. Jody

      Hi Daniel, journaling has gotten me through the most difficult periods in my life. I’m happy you’ve been flexing your writing muscles, I’d love to read your work! If you decide to share it please let me know where to find it.

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