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Homemade Detox Tea For A Healthy Body

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Let’s face it: the sad reality is we live in a world where everything is polluted. I mean everything: the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the visible and invisible things we come in contact with.


Even though our bodies are amazing at getting rid of toxins, sometimes they need a little help. Drinking a homemade detox tea can help regulate your system and get you feeling like yourself again.


What happens to your body when you detox?


Whenever we put our bodies through a detox process, we are giving our insides a much-needed bath. 


Indulging in fast, cheap foods add more rosin to your body that you have to work harder to get rid of. Think about how you felt after you’ve stuffed yourself full on a big, greasy triple-decker burger. Did you feel energized or just ridiculously full to the point that you could barely move?


In order to feel like you could breathe again, you probably had to take a walk after you ate. The problem with that is most people don’t take that walk after they eat. They become ‘couch potatoes’ and wait for the food to digest.


Foods like that take a while to leave your body causing you discomfort as it lingers. 


When you detox, you’re getting rid of all the unhealthy leftovers that have lingered around to play in your body.


Can I drink detox tea every day?




When considering a tea detox cleanse, time frames have an impact. You should prolong the detox for one week, for an intense detox, and three to four weeks for a slow detox. Drinking a detox tea every other day for the slow detox process is ideal. 


Since your body naturally cleanses itself, drinking a detox tea every day for an entire month is unnecessary. You’ll be causing more damage than actual good because you’ll be purging the nutrients that your body needs to operate at its best.


Four cups of herbal tea can be ingested in one day. One cup, an hour after every meal, and the last cup right before bed.


What herbs can I use in a detox tea?


Slippery Elm


Healing, cleansing, strengthening, and highly nourishing

Effective for stomach, bladder, and kidney problems 

Stays in your stomach when nothing else wants to

Clears mucus from the body

Soothes inflammation of the stomach and intestines.


How to use

Mix one cup of boiling soy milk and one teaspoon of powdered slippery elm and drink. Sweeten to taste, if you desire.




Steep one heaping tablespoon of Slippery Elm in one pint of water for one hour. 

Simmer for 3 to 4 minutes.

Steep again for 30 minutes more.

Simmer for 2 to 3 minutes and drink.


Never boil herbal tea!


Golden Seal


Excellent for all kinds of stomach and liver problems

Improves appetite and aids digestion 

Fights infections caused by viruses and bacteria 

Treats skin conditions like acne and psoriasis 


How to use

Steep one heaping tablespoon in one pint of boiling water for twenty minutes.




Promotes appetite

Help with digestive issues 

Effective for colds, chest trouble, and coughing 

Will induce perspiration when ingested hot


How to use

Steep root in one pint of boiling water for twenty minutes.

Drink hot or cold.




Good for kidneys, spleen, and pancreas 

Heals sore stomach 

Useful for cramps and stomach pains 

Boosts metabolism 

Curbs hunger


How to use

Steep half a teaspoon in one cup of boiling water for twenty minutes.

Drink hot or cold.




Opens pores to release toxins

Increase circulation 

Soothes and heals mucus membranes 

Good for expelling gas from the stomach and intestines 

Aids digestion 


How to use

Steep one heaping teaspoon in one cup of boiling water for 30 minutes

Drink hot or warm

Drink 3 to 4 cups an hour before every meal and once before going to bed



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Herbal detox tea recipe 

Here’s what you’ll need

Golden Seal 

Cayenne Pepper





1 tea bag of Golden Seal

1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper

1/2 lemon (freshly squeezed)

1 cup of boiling water



Steep tea bag and cayenne pepper in water for twenty minutes.

Add lemon juice and drink.


Taking care of your body and giving it an occasional cleanse will allow it to operate at its full potential. 


Take care of yourself!



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