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7 Tips for Finding Creative Inspiration Anywhere

Water and oil reflection of the sky showing that creative inspiration can come from anywhere

Look up at the sky!

What do you see?

Creative inspirations come in many different forms, all of which are heavily influenced by the habits and behaviors you have cultivated over time.

Some people find creative inspiration in the great outdoors, while others need to be surrounded by their creative peers and tools for artistic expression.

Even when you’re not at your desk or studio, your creative sparkle is still there, waiting for you to tap into it!

Creative inspiration can be found in many places, but not all creative people know how to find it when they need it most.

Find creative inspiration, no matter the situation, by tapping into these 7 apparent sources.

Finding Creative Inspiration

Art comes in many different forms, from graphic design to impressionist paintings to sculptures.

Creative people are creative thinkers and makers who use their talent to express themselves artistically in ways others can’t replicate.

A creative person may have many creative inspirations from which they draw ideas, but sometimes those sources can be hard to access.

For a creative person, inspiration is crucial for the creative process so it’s important to explore creative inspirations wherever they hide.

Here are some simple ways to keep your creativity flowing:

1. Explore Your Surroundings

street art in Mexico

Take a walk around your neighborhood and take note of everything you see — from the trees to the houses to the birds singing on top of the neighbor’s car.

Imagine how each of these things exists so beautifully in its world but also stands out against the backdrop of everything else.

This scene, as simple as it is, is a creative inspiration!

Sometimes we tend to overlook the things we’re exposed to on a daily basis because we are so used to it. However, turn off your autopilot and become a tourist in your neighborhood.

Try to capture what you see, feel, and hear from your walk into your creative work.

If you’re feeling a little stuck and tired of your creative rut, explore more!

Explore anything that piques your interest and see where that exploration leads. You might be surprised by what you find when you start seeing what’s really there.

If you’ve walked your entire neighborhood, start to venture out. Creative people need to keep exploring to be creative!

Sitting in your studio staring at blank pages won’t spark that creativity you need to fill that canvas.

Get outside!

2. Go to Museums, Galleries, and Other Exhibitions

art mural on the side of a building

Art museums, galleries, and creative exhibitions are always great places to start looking for inspiration.

It’s like time traveling! You’re slowly taking a stroll through history, noting the trends, styles, and techniques of each era.

The artistic energy you’ll feel being surrounded by all those timeless pieces will surely inspire something phenomenal.

Allocate an hour at one of these places and immerse yourself in any piece that grabs and keeps your attention. Let the noise of the museum and other onlookers fade away. Just watch, listen, and feel.

Feel your creativity ignite with the questions that start to swirl in your head.

How did they do that?

Exploring the world of art is a great way to find massive inspiration and learn something you didn’t know before. If nothing else, these places are just beautiful spaces in and of themselves.

The colors, the textures, the sculptures, and the paintings!

There’s just something about looking at all that creativity in one place that’s bound to get your creative juices flowing!

Don’t worry if you can’t afford to travel to these places, most museums and art galleries currently have virtual viewing. So, finding inspiration can be as simple as heading to one of their websites and taking the tour.

Don’t forget about galleries and exhibitions taking place in your own city!

3. Read Books

The whole world travels with you

Books are magical things!

There’s a story waiting for you inside every book.

You can find inspiration in any genre of books!

From art books, photography books, architecture books, nature books to children’s illustrations, every published book has an amazing story for you to explore.

As you read, imagine what the author had to go through to build the story.

Dig deep into their intentions and learn more about them as creative individuals!

Create something inspired by their work. And if you’re brave enough, find that author and send them what you created.

An artist is just another human who used their resources to create something inspiring for us to enjoy.

They deserve to know how much their work has touched someone else’s life. You never know, your message of gratitude might be the spark they need to create more.

Read more books. They may have the magic within their pages to inspire your masterpiece.

4. Spend Time With Creative Friends

two cosplay friends
Cosplayers @iamlemony and @annakamiari

Designers, photographers, and artists all have one thing in common, they need to stay inspired.

What inspires you more than a creative conversation with like-minded people?

Spend time with people who are creatively driven and love their craft. They are normally full of fun ideas. Sometimes, they may need help venturing down a new path. Be that inspiration they need by simply discussing alternative creative solutions.

You can’t always create alone. Sometimes other people’s input is what you need!

Trust your instincts and ask for help when needed too!

You never know where a quick conversation at the cafe might lead you.

Connecting with other creatives will bring you new ideas and teach you how to live a more fulfilling life, even if it’s just for a few minutes!

Get out of your comfort zone and start conversations with people that excite and intrigue you.

5. Listen to Music or a Podcast

Dj playing vinyl records at The Record Shop in Red Hook New York

As a graphic designer, website designer, photographer, and writer, music is my constant companion.

I listen to music while I work and even when I’m not working. It’s the voice in my head that helps me find inspiration for new projects.

If you’re like me, then you understand just how important music can be to spark your creativity.

Music in itself is art, and art, I believe, inspires everyone.

Try listening to different types of music for the type of work you want to create.

For example:

I listen to classics like Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach when I’m drawing or reading, then binaural sounds when I’m writing. I prefer songs without words because it doesn’t break my concentration, especially when I’m trying to write ninety articles in ninety days.

Listen to the sounds, songs, or words that inspire you.

Everyone has a unique style of creativity, find what sounds make you tick, and it’ll be easier to get your creative juices flowing.


6. Watch a Movie or a TV Show

Amazon original tv series The Boys on a tv screen while a cat sits comfortable on the tv stand

All great films started as a creative thought.

When you’re feeling uninspired, watch your favorite film or tv show.

It’s possible that the last thing you watched or read threw you off your creative high.

Watching a movie or tv show is like taking a mini-vacation. If you’re into anything supernatural like I am, you’ll never run out of creative inspirations.

When I watch a movie or a tv show, my mind starts running with ideas and coming up with different creative ventures.

It’s like taking the first bite into the most delicious cake ever made. It’ll make you feel all tingly and alive again!

I have a few movies and TV series I keep on rotation. Thanks to Netflix, I’m able to explore a lot more in the genre I love.


7. Surf the Online World

Navigating This Space Pinterest Home page on a laptop screen

When all other means of inspiration fails to spark your creativity, find an artistic blog and dive deep into their website.

From amateur to professional writers, illustrators, photographers, and artists, each blog will have something new for you that might just be the inspiration you need.

Some of my favorite websites to explore are:

The online world is really a creative person’s best friend but take precautions!

Looking at one type of style can influence and change yours. Now, this can be a good or a bad thing. Good in the sense that it can stimulate your personal style and bad in the sense that you might be copying someone else’s work.

Even though the internet is full of creative people and insane ideas, it can also be a giant time warp. You might find yourself scrolling until your eyes hurt without coming up with any new ideas or inspiration for your own projects!

To avoid this, set a time limit for your scrolls. If nothing happens during that time, go back to number one on this list.

Beauty and Creativity Exist Everywhere!

The world is full of beauty that can be explored to provide the stimulation needed to spark creativity. If you’re feeling uninspired, explore what sparks your interest to find new ways of expression.

Be open-minded and try new things. It will help you explore other avenues of thought and new ways to express yourself artistically!

It’s important not to lose sight of the beauty around you.

Use your creativity as fuel for exploration and experimentation — don’t let life pass you by!

We are all creative in our own ways, even though we may lose our creative spark sometimes. Whenever that happens to you, know that the solution to jump-start your creative ventures may be staring at you, waiting for you to acknowledge it.

Your next idea can come from taking a simple walk around town or trying a new type of food with creative friends.

Whatever sparks your imagination, embrace it and explore these moments without judgment or fear!

Remember, the world needs more creative people who can make life more interesting, beautiful, and full of expression!

What are some ways you’ve reignited your creative spark?

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Jody is a creative writer, artist, graphic designer, and a digital nomad who also helps people live more fulfilling lives by finding creative solutions to their personal growth and development problems and lifestyle challenges.

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    1. Jody

      That’s amazing Tamera, thanks for sharing!

  1. The world is a huge and amazing place! I find that if I calm my mind down and start to notice the small things around me, I can get excited and inspired pretty quickly! Thanks for some great tips for finding creative inspiration!

    1. Jody

      Thanks for your comment Katie, you said the magic words, “calm my mind down” that’s the key to unlocking everything!

    1. Jody

      Nature truly is the mother of all creativity and books open up a whole new world! Thanks for reading and your comment Krysten.

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