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What Is Your Ambition In Life?

Navigating This Space - what is your ambition


Do you have a desire to accomplish anything in life? What is your ambition?


Searching for the meaning and purpose of life can be a tedious task if you don’t know where to start looking. The problem with our generation is that we were taught to look outwards to find our ideal place in this world. But identifying what your ambitions are, requires you to take a journey within.


What is your ambition?


Growing up in Jamaica, it was the norm for the older generation to frown upon the younger ones who didn’t seem to have ambition. Not wanting to be somebody was a problem in their eyes.


I was the one who wanted to do what I loved but, to many of the older folks, that wasn’t enough. To them, I should aspire to be a doctor or a lawyer, but to me, those professions were the equivalence of death.


I cared too much to become a doctor. My heart could not stand to see people sick and not be helpful. Dealing with that every day would have crushed me. And I disliked the structure of government jobs and their pretentious nature, so a lawyer was never an option.


The thing is, I knew in my heart what I did not like from early on, but that didn’t make it any easier to eventually find what I do love.


Finding your ambitions and reasons to live is a journey that is tedious and difficult at times. But, the more you push, the easier it becomes.


Drive and aspiration 


What is life without a goal to work towards? What is your ambition in life?


Your life takes on a whole new meaning when you’ve found your purpose. Actively working towards your goals brings excitement, thrill, and also frustration to your life. But, with every goal, there’s an obstacle to defeat; the bigger the obstacle, the sweeter the reward.


Accomplishing a goal renews your confidence and reinstates that you can do anything you desire.


Planning and executing your goals shape your life to the exact form you’ve envisioned.


Life becomes dull without having a goal to work towards. 


These goals do not have to be bigger than life. It could be as simple as finishing a massive load of laundry. The emphasis and importance you assign to that goal are what makes the accomplishment worth enjoying.


What lights a fire under you and gets you going?


Types of ambitions


Your goals come in many forms and shapes. Some won’t reveal themselves until after they’ve been completed. Others are working diligently to manifest themselves into your reality. Never underestimate the power of a thought.


Your thoughts shape who you are and what you aspire to be. Deep down you know your path.


Your career and personal ambitions are all shaped by your thoughts and choices.


For example,


Your career aspirations are to become the most skilled in your chosen field. Whenever anyone thinks of your field, your name must follow. You desire to be the person everyone wants to work with and get tips and advice from.


In your career, your desire to be the best requires you to put in the work. You can’t just become the best by accident, it has to be intentional. Your intention revealed your ambition. Your only requirement now is to work until you become what you’ve envisioned.


Your personal goal requires the same commitment.


Paying attention to your likes and dislikes serves as a guide to get you to your goal quicker.


Your gut feeling is there to assist you. You know it in your bones when something doesn’t feel right. If you ignore that feeling and continue, you accept the consequences you will have to pay in the future. 


Your goals and ambitions —career or personal— should never lead you down a path of destruction.


What is the purpose of being ambitious?


Growth, experiences, and living how you choose are the benefits of ambitiousness. Simply desiring to achieve something in your life is the first and only step in having ambitions. Working towards those desires will give your life purpose and supply you with more confidence to create bigger goals and accomplish them.


Your drive and aspiration determine your ambition.


So, what is your ambition in life?


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