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Tackling Procrastination

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Everyone has their favorite thing to do when they’re avoiding doing what they really have to do. Tackling procrastination takes dedication and a lot of work if you want to see progressive results in your life. 


When I’m extremely tired, or my brain doesn’t feel like working that day, I binge watch Netflix shows until I fall asleep and then wake up and start my tasks. Sometimes after walking into a few walls, I’ll give in and relax.


Not every day will feel like a working day, especially when you work from home. Knowing the difference between an off-day and procrastination will help you with tackling procrastination and get more accomplished.


What is procrastination?

Actively or passively avoiding tasks before their deadline. Some procrastinators never find the motivation to get what they need done while others wait until the very last minute and then rush to finish their tasks turning in a sloppy version of something that could have been great.


What are the main strategies to tackling procrastination? 

Tackling procrastination completely depends on the type of procrastinator you are. Whether you get the thrill of waiting till the last minute, are too busy and avoid doing anything, or never start your project, there are ways to help you cope with your procrastination.


Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone - Pablo Picasso


“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone” ― Pablo Picasso


Types of procrastinators 


Understanding the type of procrastinator you are will assist you with tackling procrastination. Use the guide below to identify your chosen procrastination technique and adjust them.


“I work well under pressure“

Your problem is starting; you see your due date as a looming challenge. Hours before you have to turn in your work is when you’re ready to start.


To tackle your procrastination head-on, move up your due date, and also set a start date. Delete all evidence of the real due date because you’ll fall right back into your procrastinating ways. 


You take pride in working under pressure so apply the pressure to yourself. Create your own timeline separate from the real due date so you’ll have more than enough time to tweak and fix if it’s needed.


“I’m way too tired right now”

Your problem lies in the fact that you do not take breaks. You think you can handle everything and when the time has come for you to show your progress you end up talking negatively about yourself.


You’re not lazy, you just need to rest. Even though you might be thinking. “I don’t have any time to rest!” If you don’t choose to rest, your body will take the rest it needs. A burnout is no fun, it can have you out of commission for double the time it would have taken you to get some restful sleep.


A thirty-minute nap can make you feel refreshed and motivated to keep going.


“I’m so busy”

You’re not actually busy, you’re just avoiding your tasks. You tend to fill your calendar with things to do but when the time comes for you to execute, you jump to something else without finishing anything. 


You take on more than you can handle without prioritizing your time to incorporate all your tasks.


Create a detailed time management plan and stick to it, you’ll be surprised how many things you’ll actually accomplish when you set time aside with no distractions to throw you off course.


“I just had the greatest idea”

You’re distracted by everything you come across, you want to try and do everything but you don’t have the patience to stick it out to its completion.


All your ideas are great and if you give yourself the time to explore them, they will all come to fruition. 


Focus on one thing at a time. Any ideas that present themselves to you, write it down so you can make a plan to execute it later.


Finish the task you’re working on before you start another one.


How to get rid of procrastination 


After identifying the type of procrastinator that you are, the rest is up to you. You have to put in the work in order to break your procrastination habit. Just like any habit, it takes time before it becomes a natural part of you.


Beside binge watching Netflix, if you’re avoiding doing something with another task, you should probably be focusing on expanding that task because you obviously like doing it better than the thing you’re avoiding.


Always remember to not be too hard on yourself, some days will be better than others. Love yourself for exactly where you are, work on the things you’d like to change, and do all the things that bring you joy and happiness.


A year from now you may wish you had started today - Karen Lamb


“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” ― Karen Lamb


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