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5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy When Work Gets Busy

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It’s no secret that when we work too hard, our mental health can suffer. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and stressed when work gets busy. You have a ton of things to do, but you don’t know where to start!

If you want to stay healthy and productive while juggling a busy schedule, there are many ways to help yourself out.

Here are 5 ways you can consider to stay healthy, stay happy, calm, and relaxed when work gets overwhelming or stressful.


1. Unplug From Technology

shades on the the beachTechnology can be your best friend, but it is also a major source of distraction.

Instead of checking Facebook or Instagram every few minutes, set scheduled intervals to give yourself breaks. Or, consider doing a social media detox for a week and see how you feel. This will allow you to focus more on what’s happening right in front of you.

Unplugging from technology can increase your productivity level. It also gives your brain a much-needed rest period, which is imperative for optimal performance. This results in increased focus and eliminates distractions.

By giving yourself a designated time every day to unplug from your work and clear your head, you’re able to maintain a positive attitude while remaining productive during busy times when you feel overwhelmed.

Try giving yourself one hour each day or night when all electronic devices (phones, computers, iPad, etc.) are turned off and put away.

Use this time to take a mental break from everything. Read a book, go for a walk or simply take a quick nap. It will help rejuvenate your mind.

The goal is to take a break from your work to rest and refresh so that you’re able to come back with a positive attitude when it’s time for the next task.

It might not seem like much, but taking these brief breaks can make all the difference while working too hard!


2. Drink Lots of Water

glass of water being filled reminding you to stay healthy by drinking waterStay hydrated, especially on busy days!

Drinking plenty of water will help flush toxins from your body and keep you feeling energized.

As much as you think reaching for that cup of coffee is the best thing to help you get through the next few hours, it’s best to stay away from caffeinated beverages, alcohol, or sugary drinks for energy boosts. They can have the opposite effect when consumed in excess.

Combat dehydration and grogginess by drinking lots of water!

A good rule to follow is to drink at least sixty-four ounces of water per day.

Stay hydrated, stay happy, and healthy too!

Starting the day with an eight-ounce glass of ice-cold or hot water can help kick-start your metabolism as well as give you more energy throughout the morning hours.

I typically take the hot water route in the morning over the ice-cold water because it’s not so extreme when I wake up from my warm bed.

It is much better to drink a tall glass of water over coffee or sugary drinks that will only give you an energy boost for about thirty minutes, followed by a severe crash.

Drinking lots and lots of water helps your health and keeps your skin looking bright and flawless!

Who doesn’t want flawless skin and a healthy body?

I know I do, so be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day.


3. Stretch for a Few Minutes Every Hour

If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, chances are you don’t always take breaks to stretch your muscles.

This can lead to stiffness, tightness, and some discomfort, which will only worsen if you continue to neglect your body’s cries for self-care.

For you to be at optimal performance levels throughout your busy days, it’s imperative that you stretch for a few minutes every hour.

Take a few minutes to get up from your desk and stretch for at least five minutes. You’ll be surprised how relaxing it is!

I recommend doing some yoga poses, stretching near the wall or doorway, or just sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you while giving yourself light back support by leaning against something sturdy nearby.

Additionally, try something like yoga on weekends!

Youtube has a lot of free classes. See what’s best for you and your body and enjoy some stretching time.

A simple tip for staying healthy is to get those muscles moving and stretched properly!

4. Stay Organized

Schedule your day to make sure you get enough sleep, eat breakfast, and have lunch breaks.

If you’re too busy and have a hard time keeping up with your day, try using your calendar (app or paper) to keep you on schedule.

Plan your day!

It’s best to use a to-do list and set deadlines for yourself to finish certain projects or tasks.

Staying organized allows you to get more done in the same amount of time and minimize the stress that could arise from forgetting a deadline, task, or meeting.

This is vital when your work becomes busy because a lack of organization can lead to lapses in judgment and mistakes, which waste time and cost money.

Staying organized is key when it comes to keeping up with work!

If your desk becomes too cluttered, simply clean it! 

A clear desk reflects a clear mind and promotes better productivity from my experience.


Tips for staying organized:

Staying organized is vital when it comes to keeping up with work and staying on top or ahead of schedule. This will certainly boost your happiness which will keep you healthy.


5. Find Ways to Relax

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It’s important to find a healthy work-life balance.

Find ways to relax from time to time. After all, we only get one life to live, so make the most of it!

Take breaks, get away, and soak in some solitude during the day.

During busy times when taking a vacation is a distant dream, schedule some “me time” in your day and remember to turn off those electronics.

To stay healthy, self-care is a must.

Your health should be your number one priority no matter what. Therefore, try to schedule your alone time to stay connected to your purpose. Remind yourself constantly why you’re working so hard!

A 5-10 minutes break is more beneficial than working from dusk till dawn without looking up from your desk.

Create a list of things that keep you calm, and then do them during your break so that they’ll help to re-energize you even more when it’s time to get back to work.

For example:

Julie’s a busy designer who often gets swept up midday with her work. She’s often overwhelmed by her work, and she sometimes finds it difficult to focus when there are so many distractions around her. To find the solution to this, Julie created DIY mini-projects for herself during her break times. She discovered that this helped her productivity more than she expected, and it gave her the mental break she needed!

Doing something you enjoy will help you to stay connected to your sense of purpose.

Healthy habits create a healthy life.


Manage Your Energy

Consider your energy as a limited resource, similar to money in a bank account.

Throughout the day, you might withdraw energy and deposit energy into this account through various transactions.

To minimize the amount of stress in your life, try taking regular breaks throughout the day and schedule time for yourself.

This will help you protect your energy reserves so that you don’t get burned out from all of the demands on your time!

You can also deposit more energy into your account through exercise, sleep, doing something you enjoy, eating healthy foods, or doing creative activities restful to the mind.

The more self-care practices you implement into your work-life balance, the happier and healthier you will be during your busy times!

What are some of your favorite ways to stay calm and relaxed when work is overwhelming or stressful?

Do you have any tips for staying healthy while juggling a busy schedule or other obligations?

Please share them in the comments below!

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Jody is a creative writer, artist, graphic designer, and a digital nomad who also helps people live more fulfilling lives by finding creative solutions to their personal growth and development problems and lifestyle challenges.

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  1. Excellent post. All of these are necessary to stay healthy… we decide eveyday to implement them. Thank you for sharing.

    Pastor Natalie

    1. Jody

      Thank you for reading Pastor Natalie, we certainly make the conscious decision every day!

    1. Jody

      You are very welcome, thank you for reading Naina!

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