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Why is a Sense of Accomplishment Important + A Simple Goal-Achievement Plan You Can Start Right Now

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Feeling a sense of accomplishment


The butterflies bubble up from your stomach, bringing with it an excited squeal. It came from the blissful feeling that seems to have manifested out of thin air. You grab your pen, walk over to your to-do list and — check! You’ve just accomplished the biggest goal you’ve set for yourself, EVER!


I go through this range of emotions whenever I put a checkmark on my to-do list. The feeling of excitement hits first which is swiftly followed by the joy that I’m finally finished with that task. Then I start to feel proud of myself. I did it! I set a goal and completed it! 


What does it mean to achieve your goal?


The definition of goal achievement is finishing the journey that was started by a persistent curiosity. You see, we’re all curious creatures and we constantly challenge ourselves to do something we’ve never done before. Sometimes that challenge is created by our peers or by society itself but the source doesn’t matter unless we personally accept the challenge of taking on that journey.


The difference between accomplishments and achievements


Achievements are internal victories. In other words, they affect how we feel, while accomplishment represents an external goal fulfillment. Whenever you work to achieve anything in life, it’s because you have the willpower and determination to bring that goal to life. That takes time and dedication. Distractions are plenty when we take into consideration how society wants us to be, but it’s up to you to choose your battles and focus on the finish line. 


What gives you a sense of accomplishment?


I’m the type of person who loves to-do lists– they bring me so much joy when they’re completed. Honestly, they keep my days on track, and without them, I’d be a headless chicken trying to figure out what I am supposed to do. They add a sense of structure and progress to my day, with little to no effort. 


Every morning, I create my to-do list. Doing this first thing in the morning allows me to plan my day. It’s imperative that I leave myself breathing room and take mandatory breaks because burnouts are no fun and they’ll set me back a few days.


I start off by doing the most difficult/important tasks first. This way I’ll get what needs to be done out the way early which frees up the rest of my day and allows me to work through the rest of my list. Completing the difficult tasks gives me a sense of accomplishment that, in turn, drives me to get more things completed. To be completely honest, it’s an exciting experience. The feeling of accomplishment from one project helps to kick start other projects which creates a loop of achievements. The growth journey continues.


So what triggers that sense of accomplishment for you? What type of activities do you do to keep the production process rolling nonstop? It’s important to ask yourself these questions to fully understand where you are on your personal development journey.


What is the purpose of goal setting and how does it aid in goal accomplishment?


You can’t accomplish something if you’re not really working towards it. Without a set goal, you’ll be a rolling stone, rolling from one task to the next without a realistic outcome. You’ll be stuck doing small tasks and feeling like you’re getting nowhere because in actuality you have nowhere to go, no big picture to work towards.


Set a goal and work towards it


To avoid the confusion and feeling of worthlessness, try to pin down exactly where you want to go. What is your end goal? What are you working towards?


For example;


Are you working towards your bachelor’s degree or your master’s degree? Do you want to be the best hairstylist in your town or do you want to be the next best illustrator? Do you want to become the next Broadway star or the next Hollywood movie star? Do you want to be the best doctor for humans or animals?


The examples have some similarities but the journey to the end goal will be very different. There’s no way that you can become the best podiatrist by studying a dog’s digestive system. Even though both a podiatrist and a vet were required to go to medical school, both had very different learning material.


Figure out where you want to go and the journey will reveal itself.


A Simple Goal Achievement Plan You Can Start Right Now

Identify your goal – Be specific. (ex. In one week I will be able to successfully do a proper pull- up)

Set a date to achieve that goal (date/month/year)

Set milestones 

Set small tasks to achieve the milestones 


You can download my personal Goal Achievement Plan for free and start setting and accomplishing those goals!

I’m rooting for you! Let me know in the comment section what goals you’re working towards.


Click here now and download your free Goal Achievement Plan.


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Jody is a creative writer, artist, graphic designer, and a digital nomad who also helps people live more fulfilling lives by finding creative solutions to their personal growth and development problems and lifestyle challenges.

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  1. Andreah

    I am always in need of some goal organization! Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Jody

      You are very welcome Andreah, thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Julie Russell

    Love this post about the sense of accomplishment! The plan at the end sounds like a great resource for achieving your goals. I look forward to reading more articles!

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