30 Self Love Journal Prompts

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Dive deep and learn to love yourself with these self-love journal prompts.


Self-love is the best love. The saying has been splashed across social media but are you truly interested in what it means to love yourself? Are you willing to dig deep to find the reasons why you deserve nothing but love?


If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to loving yourself, start by looking within yourself.


All the answers you need are inside you, waiting for you to dig deep and acknowledge them.


These self-love journal prompts will help you to dive within yourself and find all the reasons why you are worthy of all the great blessings that are waiting for you.


 A self-love journal


Journaling helps you to get your innermost thoughts out on paper so you can understand what motivates and drives you to accomplish all your goals and dreams.


Journaling is beneficial to your mental health and your character, in both short-term and long-term situations.


A self-love journal is a mirror that shows you what you truly think and feel about yourself deep inside.


Take the time to learn yourself— you are unique in every possible way. There is no other human that is like you or has experienced the things you have from your perspective.


Be gentle with yourself and understand that it takes time to grow and to heal from your past traumas.


Here are a few self-love journal prompts to assist you on your self-love journey.


30 self-love journal prompts

  1. What are some of the most effective ways I look after your body, mind, and spirit?
  2. Do I truly love myself or am I just playing with the idea of self-love?
  3. What color do I think best represents my aura?
  4. What does the ultimate self-care day look like?
  5. List 10 songs that makes me feel love.
  6. Name all the people who make me feel happy and unconditionally loved.
  7. What do I need to make more time for in my life?
  8. What accomplishment am I the proudest of at this moment?
  9. What have I grown to love about myself that I use to dislike greatly?
  10. How does my body feel at this moment? Use all your senses in your description.
  11. How do I positively impact people in my life?
  12. What are my top physical features and why?
  13. What is one thing that I am struggling with right now and how can I get better at it?
  14. What are my strengths? Why?
  15. What is one thing no one knows that I’m really good at? Why do I keep it a secret?
  16. What knowledge do I have right now that I wish I could share with myself 10 years ago?
  17. What are three things that I need to forgive myself for? How will I go about forgiving myself for those things?
  18. What is the funniest thing I’ve ever done to myself?
  19. What do I admire about myself when I have to handle situations that I rather not deal with?
  20. What am I most grateful for at this moment?
  21. What do I love to do when I’m filled with happiness?
  22. How do I cope with sadness? Is there a better way?
  23. How am I physically different now than I was five years ago? Do I like these changes? If not, what am I willing to do to accept or change them?
  24. What do I think my greatest weakness is and why?
  25. What aspects of my personality make me uniquely me?
  26. Am I doing anything that makes me unhappy? Why and how can I stop?
  27. What do I believe I deserve?
  28. Am I open and honest?
  29. What situations am I withdrawing from and why?
  30. Am I holding any grudges? Why?


I hope this list of self-love journal prompts reveals all the reasons why you should be head over heels in love with yourself.


Happy Journaling!


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