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Personal Development Tools and Resources You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Navigating This Space- Personal development tools and resources
The path of self-discovery through personal development is exciting. You’re learning how to improve yourself to operate at your full potential. Even though it is rewarding it can be, at times, confusing. I’ve created a list of tools and resources to help guide you on your journey. These personal development tools and resources are incredibly valuable during the times when you’re in need of an extra push or a little encouragement.

Personal development tools and resources


Strides is a productivity app that reminds you to start tasks throughout the day. All you need to do is enter your goal and set smaller tasks to achieve that goal. The free version only allows a limited amount of goal tracking, which I believe is a good thing. Working on too many things at once will only wear you down instead of causing improvements. I use this app to track all my goals and love it.


The resources on Youtube are mind-blowing! Ignore the cat videos for a bit and focus on the personal development videos to implement valuable information into your leisure video binging time. Every bit of encouragement and every small tip serves as a DIY motivational coach to keep you on track during your personal development journey. My go-to youtube channels are Master Sri Akarshana, Think Wealthy with Mike Adams, Aaron Doughty, Sunny Lenarduzzi, and Be Inspired.


Pinterest is my absolute favorite idea generating tool. Pinterest is a search engine with pins and boards to help you gather pertinent information you’ll need for your personal development journey. It can also be used as a digital vision board, just create your personal board and start pinning items that pique your interest.

Brain Games

Nothing keeps you healthier than a healthy brain and to keep your brain healthy you have to exercise it. Luckily for us, there are plenty of options. My favorite brain game apps are Scrabble and BrainGems―they’re easy to use and do a great job at keeping my brain active. If you prefer a physical book instead of an app, then sudoku is a great alternative.

The Habit Factor

Based on the book, The Habit Factor: An Innovative Method to Align Habits with Goals to Achieve Success by Martin Grunburg, this app is another great way to keep track of your goals while building habits. It’s relatively inexpensive, which is a plus, but they do offer a free version. Martin Grunburg advises you to read the book before you try the app.


Podcasts are a great way to audibly download useful knowledge into our brains in a short period of time. I must admit that I’m not a big podcast listener but they are indeed valuable gems. Podcasts I listen to (AKA my entire library): Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik, 12 Ounces, Gettin’ Grown, Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington, and Earn Your Leisure.

Lumosity provides daily exercises to keep your brain sharp. From speed and attention games to memory and problem-solving games, this website will elevate you to your full potential. It also keeps track of your progress over time.


There are a ton of blogs available that focus on personal development tools and techniques that will improve your life. My blog is just one of the free resources available to you. Here are some other great resources: The Positivity Blog, Paid to Exist, and The Emotion Machine.


Hands down the best free personal development tools and resources videos you’ll find on the internet. They currently have an impressive library of over 3,500 videos to choose from. All you have to do now is pick one.

Personal development books that will change your mindset and improve your lifestyle

This page contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy one of the products on this page, I may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you!)

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill The ultimate guide to self-improvement. This book teaches you the 14 core principles that you should be utilizing in life to get exactly what you desire. The 4-Hour Work Week: by Timothy Ferriss Wouldn’t you like to know how to work only 4 hours per week for the rest of your life? Timothy Ferris spells it out for you in detail. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie To influence someone is a skill. Dale Carnegie has the ultimate how-to guide to achieve this valuable life skill. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman The art of thinking is sacred. Not everyone knows how to properly utilize their thoughts. This book is an eye-opener on how to think strategically. The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health by Emeran Mayer What is a personal development resource list without a health guide? What you eat affects everything you do. Eat better, feel better. For all the personal development tools and resources listed above to be effective in your life, you must implement them. Don’t just read and then do a data dump. Take charge of your life and make the improvements you want to see. You owe it to yourself.

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Jody is a creative writer, artist, graphic designer, and a digital nomad who also helps people live more fulfilling lives by finding creative solutions to their personal growth and development problems and lifestyle challenges.

3 thoughts on “Personal Development Tools and Resources You Don’t Want To Miss Out On”

  1. Julie Russell

    Always looking for personal development content and I love this article! Great ideas for resources to look for. I am big into reading books and blogs and a podcast listener. I look forward to reading more articles!

  2. Great ideas! I especially will checkout lumosity! I tend to listen to some of these while driving or working.

    1. Jody

      Listening to new information while driving is the best Shelly, I prefer audio books while I drive but give Lumosity a try!

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