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30 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

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Journal prompts for self-discovery


The journey of self-discovery is normally viewed as a long journey through trials and stressful situations that push you to the end of your wits until you have a “breakthrough moment” where you meet your divine self. While this is quite true, you don’t need to go into the wild for a month with no food and supplies to meet the person you truly are.


The truth is, self-discovery is a never-ending journey.


If you’re not learning something new about yourself every day, you’re not interested in the person you really are.


It’s sad to say that so many people are looking for someone to love them but they have no understanding of themselves. You can’t love something you don’t know. This concept applies to yourself as well.


If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? - RuPaul


“If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” – RuPaul


Don’t live in an illusion

Here’s the reality: some people live in an illusion and they view themselves as a completely different person than they actually are. Sometimes people live their whole lives without knowing who they truly are or what they’re capable of doing.

Please don’t be that type of person!

You are way too unique and special to go through life not knowing that you are the ruler of your own destiny.


I wish I had gone through a more detailed and guided self-discovery introduction when I was younger. Maybe then I would have understood why I was reacting to certain situations negatively. I would have been able to identify what my triggers were and address them but thankfully, we live and we learn. 


Identifying our triggers is only the start, getting to the root of the problem is where the real work happens. When we point out flaws in others that bother us, they only affect us because that same flaw is within us. For example, if someone lies all the time and it drives us over the edge, it’s because we identify that same lying energy within us. When we rid ourselves of that energy, we are no longer bothered by what another person does in their life. It’s ultimately the person’s choice to live their life how they see fit and that shouldn’t affect us.


Journaling is a great way to identify our triggers and allow us to dig deeper to find the root of the problem. This process takes time and you will have to be patient with yourself in order to succeed. Those toxic habits didn’t form overnight so they won’t leave willingly overnight. 


Knowing who you are and what you are capable of is equivalent to busting open the previously locked doors that held all your goals and dreams. You have exactly what you need to achieve anything you desire right inside of you, you just have to go dig for it first.


Here are thirty journal prompts to start your self-discovery journey


    1. What am I passionate about?
    2. Who’s opinion and approval do I value the most? Why?
    3. Name three people that make me feel loved especially when I’m around them?
    4. What fun activities did I do as a child that I stopped? Why?
    5. What is the first thing I do when I’m feeling sad?
    6. What makes me laugh till my stomach hurts?
    7. What is one thing that I must do every day no matter what?
    8. What was my first thought this morning?
    9. Describe me to someone who doesn’t know me. Include the good, the bad, and the ugly.
    10. What drains my energy the most?
    11. What activities have me energetically bouncing off the walls?
    12. “I can’t stand it when other people…” Give as many responses. Why do they bother me? Do I possess these flaws that I just pointed out? 
    13. What are five of my biggest pet peeves?
    14. Do I have any insecurities? What are they and how can I address them?
    15. Does anyone in my life make me feel judged? Name them.
    16. Describe in detail an event or an experience that changed my life.
    17. Name three situations where I’ve felt my bravest.
    18. What is my theme song? Why does this song resonate with me?
    19. Who inspires me the most? Why?
    20. What are some things that I’ve enjoyed my entire life?
    21. What do I find myself thinking about the most lately?
    22. What is one difficult task I have to get done before the week is out? Am I avoiding doing it?
    23. Am I a spiritual person? What beliefs do I have?
    24. What triggers a sad mood within me?
    25. What are my values in life? 
    26. What is one thing that can reset my mood instantly?
    27. What colors am I attracted to? How do they make me feel? Look up the meaning of those colors and write them down.
    28. If I had to jump off a cliff into a body of water because I was being chased by a hungry animal, would I jump or try to find another way?
    29. Do I ask for help when a project is too much to handle or do I try to power through?
    30. What would I do if I had an entire day to myself?


Journaling is deeply personal and therapeutic because it increases self-knowledge and helps you to get in touch with your emotions, thoughts, and perceptions – Putting words down on paper can help clear your head of thoughts and ideas that have been weighing you down. These journal prompts for self-discovery is a great way to start connecting with your inner self.


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