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25 Journal Prompts For Personal Growth

Navigating This Space- journal prompts for personal growth

Journal prompts for personal growth


We all get stuck sometimes, especially when the time comes to do a deep dive into our psyche. Writing down what goes on in our minds and how we react in a certain situation can be clarifying and helpful with our personal growth journey. But the question remains, “What do you write in a daily journal?”


The short and simple answer to that question is to write all your goals and dreams and make them come alive. The more in-depth response would be to ask yourself the hard questions, learn what’s affecting you mentally, and allow yourself to be open to receiving help from the universe with your personal development journey.


Is there a difference between a journal and a diary?


There are major similarities between these two types of personal writing. As Merriam-Webster’s dictionary puts it, a Journal is a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use and a diary is a daily record of personal activities, reflections, or feelings. So, same, same but different.


A diary is a daily record of events that have happened while a journal is used to explore your goals and dreams. Specifically, a journal is used to make a plan for your goals, write about the journey, record what you’ve done, and analyze your learnings in order to achieve that goal. To me, they’re interchangeable and from the definition above, it’s obvious that the dictionary thinks the same. It’s up to you how you use your journal and if you want to call it a diary, then it’s a diary. You are always in control.


What can I write for self-improvement?


There are plenty of routes to improve and elevate yourself to operate at your full potential but simply starting is the hardest step. The internet is filled with a plethora of advice. What you have to do is filter through the noise and find a path that works perfectly for you. Self-improvement is achieved by overcoming limitations in your life and by challenging yourself. 


During our early developmental years, we absorbed a ton of limiting beliefs from our environment. This has limited our abilities and triggered self-doubt over time. In order to unravel those beliefs and live the life that you truly want, you have to confront them, understand them, and vanquish them―one by one. Start by simply writing every day.


The journal prompts I’ve listed below are questions that I’ve started to include in my daily writing. These questions allow your brain to do a deep dive and find you the answers you seek. Questions like, “What should I write every day?” and “How do you start a journal entry?” are automatically taken care of when you utilize these prompts. 


The previously confusing questions about how to start have now evolved into challenging your willingness to understand yourself, “How deep are you willing to go to unlock your full potential?”


25 journal prompts for personal growth


  1. What are three of my limiting beliefs? What caused these limiting beliefs and how can I understand and eliminate them? 
  2. What unhealthy habits do I need to stop today?
  3. What am I worried about right now? Why? Is it fixable?
  4. What are my biggest priorities in life? Make a list and then organize by importance to me right now
  5. What are three of my biggest, long-term goals in life? Why?
  6. What are three of my short-term goals in life? Why?
  7. Who would I be if I could do anything? Why?
  8. If I could live anywhere, where would I live? Why?
  9. On a scale of 1-10  how important is money to me and why? 
  10. If I had unlimited amounts of money, what is the first thing I’d do with it?
  11. What am I the most grateful for in my life? Why?
  12. What are some of my greatest and dearest accomplishments?
  13. On a scale of 1-10  how important is love to me and why? 
  14. What people in my life are most important to me? Why?
  15. What is my favorite memory? Why?
  16. What is currently stuck on repeat in my head? Why is it on a loop and what does it want me to understand?
  17. What are ten things that make me smile? Why?
  18. How important is it to find my purpose in life? 
  19. What is my purpose in life?
  20. What does success look like and how important is it to me to be more successful?
  21. What does my ideal life look like? Give a detailed description in the form of a story. 
  22. What is my biggest challenge with the law of attraction? Why?
  23. What have I tried to manifest in my life? Did it work? Tell the story of how it went. 
  24. What do I want the most right now? Write down everything as it pops up. 
  25. What does it feel like to accomplish my biggest long-term goals? Write in detail how you imagine it to be.


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Jody is a creative writer, artist, graphic designer, and a digital nomad who also helps people live more fulfilling lives by finding creative solutions to their personal growth and development problems and lifestyle challenges.

2 thoughts on “25 Journal Prompts For Personal Growth”

  1. Loving this post! All of these prompts can be super beneficial, but I especially love journal prompts about finding your purpose.

    1. Jody

      Hi Danielle! Thank you so much for taking the time to read these journal prompts. I love them so it warms my heart that you love them as well! Thank you!

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