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How To Rejuvenate, Rest And Relax Your Mind, Soul And Body

Navigating This Space - how to rejuvenate rest and relax

How do you rejuvenate, rest and relax?


Rest is a crucial part of your journey to achieve your goals and dreams. You should always feel energetic and relaxed; ready to take on any task, never drained or too tired to do anything. 


You must rest and relax as much as you possibly can.


How can I rejuvenate my body?


Rest, rest, rest, and get more rest! There will be some days, like when you’re working to meet a deadline and all you can afford is four hours of glorious sleep. But if you’re making a lack of sleep part of your daily life is severely detrimental to your health.

Our bodies need rest to rejuvenate and process all it went through during the day.  A simple ten minute nap during a mid afternoon crash is enough to rejuvenate your brain and have you operating at your best again.


When working on a big project, a ninety minute nap is all you need to stay on track, according to Harvard Health


Along with getting restful sleep, here is a list of things you need to incorporate to keep your body rejuvenated.


Eat better

What you put in your body helps it to operate at its best. Eating food that makes you feel sluggish will not allow you to feel rested since your body is working harder to digest it.


Eating natural, plant-based foods will help to heal your body. Every type of food has a benefit for our bodies. For example, walnuts, shaped like a brain, are great for keeping our brains sharp.


Drink water

Our bodies are sixty percent water according to the USGS. If we are not replenishing that water every day, then we are causing a disruption in our health. Water makes every part of your body operate smoothly. If you’re the type of person who is proud that you don’t drink at least one cup of water every day, know that your body secretly hates you.


Do not multitask 

Nothing stresses you out more than trying to focus on more than one project or task at the same time. Sorry, your brain does not multitask! By trying to force it to do so, you’re only delaying getting through your to-do list.


Digital Detox

Step away from the computer and turn off your phone. With our technology always on, we never truly have real quiet time unless we take it for ourselves. Remember those times you used to write BRB when you were logging off for a bit? Now, it wouldn’t be surprising if you don’t remember that the abbreviation means “be right back” because you’re never leaving the online world to take time for yourself to breathe.


We are so connected now that we’ve actually become disconnected from everything. The infamous FOMO (fear of missing out) wasn’t a problem a few years ago. That has to say something about how we allow technology to take over our lives. So, take a break from all the noise you keep scrolling through.


Spend time outdoors

Go for a stroll in the park, breathe in the fresh air, and listen to the birds singing. Get away from the car horns of angry people rushing to nowhere. 


We are beings of nature and when we return to it, it replenishes us.



I was the kid in the back pretending to stretch during Track and Field practice. I tried really hard but never got anywhere close to where the other kids were in terms of flexibility. Once, during a practice on the beach, I heaped a ton of sand under my knees just so I could finally touch my toes. It was a short-lived glory because the coach walked over to me and removed all the sand. I was devastated. That was the first time I was able to touch my toes without feeling like I was pulling my whole body apart.


Fast forward a few years and a few yoga sessions, I’m able to touch my toes while standing. While I’m still working on getting there while sitting, the relaxed feeling I get after every stretch session is enough to make me feel like I just gave my body the ultimate gift.


Stretch more. Your muscles will thank you, especially when you’re older.


How can I rejuvenate my mind?




A quiet mind is a relaxed mind. Working to quiet your busy mind is the best way to rejuvenate, rest, and relax. 


Here are a few ways to rest your mind 


Play games

Concentrating on something else other than your life is like taking a mini-vacation. Games are the perfect getaway. Try some brain games to keep your brain sharp while it’s relaxing.


Release pent up emotions

Sometimes you just have to cry, laugh, scream, or dance out the emotions you’ve been holding onto in order to get it all out of your system. Holding on to things that emotionally upset you will cause more pain and turmoil, so let it all out and live free.



Release all your thoughts on the pages of your journal. It’s beneficial for you both long term and short term. Here’s how to start journaling for beginners.


A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge. - George R.R. Martin


“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” ― George R.R. Martin


How can I rejuvenate my soul?


Love unconditionally

Love doesn’t ask for anything in return. Learn how to love without conditions and control.


Be gentle with yourself and everyone you come in contact with. 

Being kind to others rejuvenates your spirit and makes your soul happy. We are not meant to be self-centered and selfish. We are all here to help each other progress through this life.



Meditation rejuvenates, relaxes, and rests your body, mind, and soul. It is the best way to recenter yourself. If you’re having a hectic day, a quick five to ten minutes of meditation may be all you need to get your mind and body in the frame that it needs to be.


How to rejuvenate, rest and relax right now


  • Burn sage to cleanse your home of negativity 


  • Take a bubble bath to help get your mind and body in a restful state


  • Take a ten to twenty minutes break to give your brain a rest



  • Help someone accomplish something. Something as simple as helping an old person across the street or giving food to the homeless will uplift your spirit.


  • Reflect on how far you’ve come and the things you’ve accomplished for the next ten minutes.


Taking the time to allow yourself to relax, rest and rejuvenate shouldn’t mean taking expensive trips that will stress out your wallet. It can be as simple as taking some quiet time for yourself.


Always take care of yourself and your needs.


We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden.” —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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