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How To Have Patience With Yourself + 5 Tips to Becoming More Patient

Navigating This Space- How to have patience With yourself

“Patience” is one of those words that I’ve never looked up in the dictionary because it was taught to me through experiences. For this article, I decided to search for the specific meaning of the word “patience” and I found that it is the ability to tolerate delays, troubles, or suffering without getting angry or upset. 


The ability to not get upset with yourself or anyone else because of what life throws at you, actually says a lot about your personality. I used to have a long patience span but that was almost wiped out by a previous job I had. But I find myself getting back to that place where I don’t allow troubles, suffering, or delays to upset me. It’s not an easy journey but anything worth having in life does not come easily.


What does it mean to be patient with yourself?


Taking time to be gentle with yourself and understanding that your body and mind learn at different paces is the ultimate indication of patience. Unfortunately, we are the hardest on ourselves and we judge our actions harshly. We expect the very best from ourselves and when that illusion of perfection is not achieved we become impatient. But to love yourself is to be patient in all things you do. Therefore self-love is the equivalence of patience with oneself.


What causes impatience?


Short answer, LIFE! Situations that seem to attack us daily are there to test us to see how we react. Life is only a school for our higher selves to learn in this realm. We are constantly being graded by the universe. How we navigate those situations will greatly affect our journeys in this life. The hardship, the suffering, the delays, and the losses are all disguised as lessons we must learn in order to elevate ourselves. It is only when we miss those valuable hidden lessons that we become frustrated and start to lose our patience. 


How do you deal with impatience?


I’ve been going through the process of building my patience and it feels like, at every turn, another test is being thrown at me to challenge my dedication. I’m now more observant of people who seem to have their patience meter broken at zero and it’s truly an eye-opener. If my flight is delayed at the airport, I’ll use that time to read a book, learn something new, or venture for the really expensive snacks that the airport offers. (I try to bring my own snacks to the airport but that’s a tip for another article). When you redirect your attention to things you can control, impatience takes a backseat.


How do you teach yourself patience?


Nothing is achieved without a challenge. Challenge yourself to develop the patience level that you desire. I once heard a valuable lesson not long ago that struck a nerve for me. I don’t quite remember the specific wording but I’ll do my best to relay it to you.


If you ask the universe to teach you patience, it will make sure that you’re placed at the back of a long line that’s barely moving.


We learn best through experiences. I’m not saying that you should look for the longest line to join. What I’m saying is that sometimes you have to think outside the box. For example, make some tea or coffee and force yourself to sit and watch it as it cools enough for you to drink it. Focusing only on your coffee or tea getting to a comfortable drinking temperature not only teaches you patience by making you wait, but it also helps you to strengthen your ability to avoid distractions, increases your awareness, and gives you some personal time to mindfully listen to your thoughts.  


Working on your patience will greatly enhance other areas of your life. The journey to your full potential works in cohesiveness, when one part is being developed, other areas benefit greatly as well. 


Five Ways To Improve And Master Your Patience


  1. Teach yourself to wait by creating mini obstacles throughout your day.

Start small, set a timer for three to five minutes, and do absolutely nothing. Don’t read anything around you, don’t look at your phone or the tv, just sit still and breathe. When the timer goes off you’ll be free to move around.


  1. Learn your triggers

Write down the things that make you lose your patience. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why we get impatient so when you feel yourself getting impatient with a certain task or a person, write down the reason why your impatience was triggered. This will help you to adjust your tactics the next time you’re in a similar situation.


  1. Walk away from a situation that is making you impatient.

Analyze your surroundings and ask  “Is this beneficial to me?” If you’re in a situation where everything seems to grind your gears, it is best to just leave. Sometimes the best way to fully understand something is to walk away from it.


  1. Breathe Deeply

Breathing deeply does amazing things for the body and mind. It slows down your heart rate and allows you to think. When you notice your breath getting shorter and you feel the anger rising from the bottom of your chest, take a few slow deep breaths and allow the fresh air to wash over your insides. With a calm mind, there’s no room for impatience.


  1. Be gentle with yourself

You didn’t learn to walk in one day or on your first attempt.hings take time. Forgive yourself when you do get to the point of losing your temper. Remind yourself to never allow anything to negatively affect you. No matter the circumstances in your life, it will always work out better than you can imagine.

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Jody is a creative writer, artist, graphic designer, and a digital nomad who also helps people live more fulfilling lives by finding creative solutions to their personal growth and development problems and lifestyle challenges.

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  1. Gholamreza

    Your article was great. I am a Muslim. I wish I could help you. Your perspective is very close to Islam.

    1. Jody

      Thank you so much for reading Gholamreza! I’m glad you found it helpful and that my perspective resonates with you.

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