How to Get Motivated to Change Your Life – Steps to Achieving your Dreams

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What do you want to be when you grow up?


I’m sure you can remember every grown-up asking you that question when you were a kid running around with no cares in the world. While all the kids around me used to answer in a heartbeat, I’d always delay with my answer. I was told by my teachers to do what I love but I was embarrassed to say it out loud because my answer would always seem to upset the adult who asked me the question.


For the longest time, I wanted to be a netball player because I absolutely loved it. I played it every day and I was great at it. Wanting to be an athlete at that time was a big taboo in a Jamaican’s eyes. While that dream changed as I got older, the lesson to do what I loved in spite of other people never changed.


The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in life is to dream big, but I’ve also learned that dreaming isn’t enough. You have to add a date to that dream which automatically transforms it into a goal and goals are achievable. With a goal set, the clock starts ticking which puts your brain into go-mode. 


Our brains are literally the most advanced piece of technology on earth. It’s also the best at problem-solving. When you’ve given your brain a new task, questions start to present themselves to you. 


Give it a test, ask yourself something right now and listen for the answer, I’ll wait…





Those questions or suggestions that you’ve just received are your starting point.


Before you go any further with your plan to achieve your goals, there’s an important question that you must answer. The answer to this question is going to be that extra fuel you’ll need on the days you feel you can’t go any further. The answer to this question should be 100% yours. If it doesn’t fully resonate with you then it won’t work when you need it the most.


What is your reason for trying to achieve this goal? Why do you want to do this?


Be Specific.


Do you want the white picket fence, four-bedroom cozy house with your partner, three kids, and a dog, lovely neighbors in a quiet community?  Or do you want to live in a mountain overlooking the ocean breathing the fresh air as you walk through the dew-kissed grass barefoot with a cup of tea every morning?


Finding your why is imperative to you achieving your goals.


After you’ve found your why, write it down and put it in a place where you’ll see it every day. The more you see it, the more your subconsciousness will absorb it and work diligently to make it your reality.


Now that we’ve solidified your why it’s time to gather your tools.


What do you need to improve in order to meet your goal?


On your journey to dream fulfillment, your most valuable tool is your mindset. If you currently have a limited mindset that only focuses on what you don’t have and can’t do then manifesting your dreams will become next to impossible.


You must be willing to change your limited mindset to a growth mindset. 


Turn the phrases “I don’t have…” “I don’t know…” and “I can’t do….” into “How do I learn to…” 


Presenting your brain with a problem will lead to it giving you suggestions on how to solve that problem. Use your supercomputer efficiently. If you limit it, you will get limited results so dream big, ask the crazy questions, and watch the solutions trickle in.


With those solutions in hand, your job now is to expand your knowledge. The more knowledgeable you are on what it takes to achieve your goals, the more you’ll stay on that path to bringing that goal to life.


What You Focus On Expands.


The more attention we give to something, the bigger it grows. Are you focusing on the good things that happened on your goal’s journey or are you focusing on everything that went bad? 


You have the ultimate power to change your outcome. If you focus on the negative, you are fueling that negativity. Your thoughts are like fresh wood feeding a fire: the more you give it, the bigger it grows. Deal with the negative things as they present themselves but do not dwell on them. 


View the negatives as valuable lessons because that’s what they are. They’re there to teach you something you didn’t know. Learn that lesson and focus on the positive outcome.


Are You Overwhelming Yourself?


It’s natural to want to achieve your goals overnight especially in today’s society where success is portrayed as an overnight thing. Don’t believe the hype. It takes time and a lot of dedication to achieve your goals. Did you know that it took Michelangelo over two years of constant work to carve the statue of David? 


Time and dedication is the key to success so in order to not overwhelm yourself and cause a massive burn out, it’s imperative that you create small tasks to complete daily. One step per day brings you closer to the finish line.


Be the tortoise in your story and constantly remind yourself that you’re on a journey, not a sprint.


Small goals accomplished daily equals big changes. Take your big goal and break it into multiple smaller to-do lists. You’ll be amazed to see how much you’ve accomplished over time.


Are You Making Sacrifices To Keep Your Goals on Track?


Are you binge-watching Netflix instead of completing a small task? Are you actively avoiding what needs to be done by making time for everyone but yourself? What are you sacrificing to stay on your goal’s journey?


It’s impossible to stay in the same frame of mind and expect your dreams to materialize. You have to give up something to make space for what’s coming.


“Be boring, it’s the only way to get work done.” – Austin Kleon



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