How To Find Your Purpose And Passion In Life

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Navigating This Space - how to find your purpose and passion in life


The journey you embark on when finding your purpose and passion in life is full of surprises, lessons, and rewards.


When we’re aimlessly wandering, we all have one question on our minds, “What is my purpose in life?”


Most people find the answer to that question relatively quickly and early in their life’s journey. But for some, finding the answer seems to be an uphill climb.


So, what is your purpose in life?


It’s okay to not know what your purpose in life is. We are all here on earth to learn how to become the best version of ourselves and help elevate our community and the human race. Understanding your personality is far more valuable than digging around your brain searching for answers that are not ready to be revealed to you.


To help clarify some of the ways you can identify your purpose, start by analyzing and asking yourself questions. What are you passionate about? Is it climate change, more visibility for underappreciated artists, understanding spirituality, or gaining a specific set of skills?


More times than none, your passions will reveal your purpose. Your passion is your purpose.


How to find your purpose and passion in life 


The things you find yourself mindlessly and casually talking about in every conversation are the things that intrigue you— they are your passions. Something about that thing keeps your thought pattern in a loop. You can’t help yourself thinking about it over and over again. 


We all have that one thing or a few of those things that play on repeat in our minds. Your responsibility is to identify what that is and evaluate it.


Treat everything like a research paper where the main subject is you.


You have to be willing to dig deep within your psyche to reveal the gems that exist within you. You have a wonderful and unique purpose in life. Actively ignoring your thoughts with outside distractions will only hurt you in the grand scheme of things.


Finding purpose and passion in everyday life


What activities bring you joy every day? If you are determined to identify how to find your purpose and passion in life, you must be observant and present.


Pay attention to the activities you do day-in and day-out. Do those activities excite you? Does time seem to stop whenever you’re focused on those activities?


Even if you don’t think that a tedious task or a mindless activity affects your life, pay close attention to how you’re feeling whenever you’re doing them. Be present within yourself. It’s the only way you’ll be able to analyze your actions and reactions effectively.


Discovering your purpose 


As with everything in life, there are different ways to go about finding your purpose. Try these activities in any order you wish.


Evaluate your to-do list 

What task are you excited to get to? What tasks make you feel drained? Use those feelings as a starting point when discovering your purpose and passion in life.


Explore the things you love

What activities come naturally to you? What would you rather be doing all day? Identify the things you love doing. They will guide you and create a clear path on your journey to finding your purpose in life.


Examine your conversations 

What can you talk about all day? The more you love something, the more you desire to tell the whole world about it. It invades your thoughts and controls your actions. People call just to hear your opinion when it comes to that particular subject. That’s a huge indicator, a green light, on your true purpose.


Expand your comfort zone

Step out of your norm and try something new. The journey to oneself isn’t found by remaining in your comfort zone. The braver you are, the more of yourself you become.


Trust your gut

Your gut feelings are the universe sending you guidance on your journey. If anything feels off, it’s not for you. Deep down, you know the route and have the knowledge of your true purpose in life. Those gut feelings you get from time to time are like your personal GPS, routing you to your higher self.


So, whether your journey is a super short or a long, winding one, understand that with time, patience, and determination you will eventually learn how to find your purpose and passion in life. Until then, live your life!





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