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Do Something Fun Everyday — Your Sanity Depends On It

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Do something fun everyday


In my opinion, the number one thing damaging your health is working unfulfilling, mentally-draining jobs with no rest. It’s entirely okay to be a workaholic but only if you don’t view your job as mind-numbing work. But yes! Even workaholics need a break from work-life.

Fun is a necessity in life!


Think about it, if life was boring and everything we did lack excitement, this would be a very dull world. There would be no art to pique your interest or strike a nerve; there would be no holidays to enjoy, and everyone would certainly be incredibly rude. 

This description of a world without fun is where you’re headed if you don’t change your regular routine and add new and interesting things to keep your brain asking a ton of questions.

What do you do every day?

Have you ever sat and think about exactly what you do every single day? Do you have a routine or do you just go with the flow? Fortunately for me, my days are filled with creative things. I choose to look at things like they’re an adventure, even when they might seem very tedious to literally any other person. For example, I recently found out that I actually love doing laundry… weird right? This is coming from someone who gladly paid a pickup and drop-off service just to avoid doing laundry, but I’m constantly learning new things about myself and it really excited me. 

Even though I do not do laundry every day, that’s just pushing it, I do have a list of things to accomplish daily. I’m an early riser so my day usually starts around five or six in the morning. I like to be creative as soon as I wake up so things like writing in my journal, doing stretches to fully wake up my body, and drinking some hot tea are some of the things that gets my day started. I make sure to tackle the most difficult task on my to-do list first because that sets a great pace for the day, but most importantly I make sure that I schedule fun into my day.

Being drained at the end of the day and not getting restful sleep at night is a recipe for disaster. If this sounds like your life, then I’m sorry to break it to you (not sorry) but you have to make some major changes. 

Life is way too short for it not to be enjoyed.


Do something fun everyday


Here is an example of my daily routine, this does change a bit from time to time, especially when I travel, but for the most part, I stick with it.

Wake up when my internal clock goes off (I dislike alarm clocks with a passion)

Wash my face and brush my teeth with cold water. (This is the ultimate wake up call)

Write in my journal about what happened yesterday and my plans for the day (Reflect, process and plan)

Stretch/quick yoga to get the body warmed up and/or meditate

Start my first task for the day

Shower, Eat and Continue with my to-do list

I didn’t include the times that I do complete these tasks because it varies from day to day. Sometimes I wake up at six-thirty and sometimes before five. I’ve always been a morning person, I have the most annoying amount of energy when I wake up but over the years I’ve learned how to channel that energy and spread it throughout my day.

My best advice for you is to figure out when your peak times are, knowing and using your peak times will maximize the number of things you’ll get done every day. When your peak time has passed, the fun things should begin. Pay attention to your body and your mind, it will tell you all you need to know in order to use it efficiently.


What are some fun things to do on a daily basis?


Get in Nature and listen quietly

If you live in a city, go to your nearest park, preferably one that’s so big that the traffic around it becomes nonexistent. If you live in a small town, go somewhere where there are no people around, turn off the music in your headphones, put your phone on do not disturb, and listen to the melodies that nature makes. Sometimes the sounds of the birds happily chirping away, the leaves rustling in the wind, and the trees whispering to each other while keeping you company is just what your overworked brain needs to reconnect to nature. Make it a habit to immerse yourself in nature. It’s relaxing and you’ll feel refreshed. 


Dance like no-one is watching because no-one is watching you 

Raise that heart rate and move that body. Dancing is for everyone, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If people care about how well you dance then they shouldn’t matter to you. The people who love to see you happily dancing even if you’re completely off-beat are the ones you keep close. Close your eyes, turn the music up, and let loose.


Be a tourist in your own town

You have the unique ability to explore your town whenever you feel like it. Doing this often will tap into your explorative side and allow you to discover hidden gems. Do this for a day and you’ll be doing this constantly. To explore is to learn new things so keep exploring to keep learning.


Play games

Mind games, video games, board games, or card games, whichever type you chose, if it brings you joy, do it and do it often. 


Play dress up

Navigating this space-new things to do everyday

You do not need a special occasion or holiday to play dress up. Even though dressing up for holidays is a ton of fun and I advise anyone who’s never done it before to start doing it immediately. You don’t have to go all out and dress in full cosplay, you could simply use the clothes you already have and dress how you want to feel. If you want to be a princess today, put on a tiara, if you want to be silly, dress like a pumpkin, the choice is yours.

Now it’s your turn, let me know in the comments below what fun activity you’re going to start doing on a daily basis and most importantly what costume will you be wearing for Halloween this year?

I think I want to be a pumpkin, I’ll keep you updated on what I decide plus a photo of the outfit.



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