15 End Of Year Reflection Questions

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At the end of each cycle or year doing an end-of-year reflection will help you move forward and plan your next steps. 


Evaluating your past, what you’ve learned, and applying those lessons to your plans will remove the guessing factor from your decision making. You have invaluable data of what worked for you in the previous year and what was simply a waste of time.


Creating detailed steps to ensuring a bright future requires you to take your end of year reflection serious. 


This is your life, moving forward blindly is a waste of precious time. Work smart when making decisions and creating new goals.


15 Reflection questions


  1. What was the most important goal that I achieved this year?
  2. What negative habits did I eliminate?
  3. What five valuable lessons did I learn this year? List and describe in detail.
  4. What are the things I passionately disliked doing? List and describe in detail.
  5. What new information did I learn about myself? List and describe in detail.
  6. What tasks did I enjoy doing the most? List and describe in detail.
  7. How many books did I read this year? Was it more or less than the previous year?
  8. What unexpected place did I receive the most inspiration?
  9. Did I make enough time to rest and rejuvenate?
  10. What was I stressing over the most? Was the issue resolved?
  11. What personal goals have I accomplished?
  12. What career goals have I accomplished?
  13. What new habits have I incorporated?
  14. Do I regret anything? List and describe in detail.
  15. What words would I use to sum up the year? List and describe in detail.


Set aside one evening to go through these questions to evaluate the previous year. Complete these reflection questions before you start creating new goals.


“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”― Søren Kierkegaard


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