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7 Easy Ways to Stay Creative and Inspired

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How many times have you found yourself feeling frustrated with a project, wanting to give up and throw in the towel?

There are so many barriers that can get in the way of creativity. Fear, for example, or not understanding your own creative process. If this sounds like you, then don’t worry because we’re going to talk about how to stay creative!

This article will help you figure out what works best for you when it comes to staying inspired!  

We’ll also be covering 7 easy ways on how to stay creative and inspired.

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Developing a Creative Mindset

Creativity is one of the most important qualities to have in life. This doesn’t just apply to artists, writers, and other natural creatives. It applies to everyone who wants a fulfilling life.

Staying creative means staying inspired. And the way I stay creative and inspired is by surrounding myself with things that inspire me. This includes books, podcasts, or tv shows (like Westworld), art supplies, music, and anything else that keeps me in a creative mind frame.

If you’re having trouble feeling creatively engaged, maybe it’s time to change your environment.

Figure out what works best for you. This could be walking away from a project and coming back later with a fresh perspective, limiting your social media distractions, or even listening to some classical music while you’re working.

The possibilities are endless. You are free to choose your own route to creativity.

The best way to develop your creative mindset is by understanding what’s going on in your brain.

What ideas and thoughts have been roaming your mind lately?

Focus on understanding the things you gravitate towards and why you’re attracted to those things.

Your brain is a supercomputer that’s constantly processing what your eyes see in the world, so taking the time to understand why you despise certain things will allow you to understand what might be blocking you from staying creative.

How to Stay Creative

1. Stay Open-Minded to New Ideas

Having an open mind allows you to view everything around you from a new perspective.

Opening your mind means being able to accept that there are a lot of other ways you can go about something besides what you’re used to and how you’ve always done it.

This doesn’t mean that you have to follow every idea down the rabbit hole. It simply means that you should take more than one or two glances at the possible route you can take before completely dismissing them.

Everyone has a different routine and a different perspective when it comes to creativity. Opening your mind to different possibilities will allow you to grow.

I think one of the most important things when it comes to staying creative is being able to accept constructive criticism.

It helps identify flaws that you might have missed, and it offers you a chance to improve your skills to create better work. Most of the time, new ideas won’t come directly from your insight, so consider evaluating the feedback from others who want to see you succeed.

2. Create a Vision Board With Images That Inspire You

Inspiration is everywhere if you know where to look, and we live in a society that presents us with so many creative ideas that it’s not hard to find something to spark your creative flow.

Explore different vision board ideas before you start to create your own vision board to keep you inspired.

A vision board is a collage of meaningful images and can serve as a reminder of what’s important to you and what inspires you.

It’s also important to keep your board updated so it doesn’t get stale or feel stagnant, switch out the images every once in a while!

3. Read an Inspiring Book or Blog Post

Stimulate your mind by spending quality time reading books and blog posts related to your projects or hobbies.

Reading material related to your interests will provide you with a new perspective and ideas to spark creativity now and in the future.

The quickest way I find myself getting unstuck creatively is by reading a book, taking some time away from all electronics, and coming back later refreshed with fresh eyes and a calmer mind.

What works for me might not work for you, which is why you need to understand what makes you tick.

Relaxing with a good inspiring book like Austin Kleon’s books, “Steal Like An Artist” and “Keep Going” will help you to come back with a fresh perspective and more ideas.

4. Do a Challenge

Challenges push your limits to newer heights. A simple 30-90 days challenge can change your whole perspective on how you’ve previously viewed and done something.

Challenges eliminate the urge to step away from the process until a later time because it comes with a deadline.

Most creative people don’t complete projects until the deadline is in a few days or the next day. Deadlines push progress because it channels the fear of not completing a task on time.

Challenges might be something as simple as drawing a self-portrait, writing an essay without using any words that start with the letter “f” or just sitting in silence for 30 minutes every day until you complete your challenge. Challenges don’t have to be creative. Some people enjoy cooking dinner from scratch, gardening, and reading a book.

If your desire is to learn how to be creative all the time, you must first learn how to try doing new things that will keep your brain stimulated and motivated to keep pumping out fresh new ideas.

5. Draw Something New Every Day 

You do not have to be a professional artist to draw something every day. Lines and circles are a form of art on paper. The point is to get your mind in the right frame by creating motivation to make something new.

It could look like a colossal mess. The aesthetics don’t matter; what matters is the thought, the love, and the determination to create.

Scribble a self-portrait with your eyes closed after taking a quick glance in the mirror, draw your thoughts in motion, or paint with the natural colors of different types of flowers.

Whatever route you choose to take, throw something new in the mix every day.

The purpose here is not to be perfect. Perfection kills creativity, so release the need to make your lines perfect and enjoy the flow.

6. Meditate for 10 Minutes

Meditation allows productivity to thrive by focusing your mind on the task at hand. The next time you feel distracted by everything around you, take ten minutes to sit down, quiet your thoughts, and listen to your breath without any distractions.

If you find it difficult to focus on your breathing, try scanning your body mentally from your crown to your toes and try to relax every muscle your mind goes over.

Meditation is not only helpful with creativity; its benefits include lowering stress levels and relieving tension from the mind and body.

7. Take a Walk in Nature

Let the inspiration of nature take you on a creative journey. Every leaf, every animal, and insect outside can offer inspiration to a project.

Nature calms the mind and body, which can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, promote better sleep, and increase creativity.

When you get back from your walk or nature hike, you will have cleared the clutter in your head and replaced them with fresh ideas.

Nature is free and beneficial to your creative process. Take some time out of your day and free your mind.

Constantly Create Your Favorite Moments

Not every moment in life will be inspirational or motivational, but your ability to turn dull moments into your favorite moments is basically a superpower.

When you reflect on your past, the first things that normally come to mind are the things that you actually enjoyed doing.

Analyze those moments in your journal to understand why they’re your favorite, so you can replicate them.

The more time you spend doing things you enjoy, the more your creativity will flow because you’re in a relaxed, fun state of mind.

What is your best advice for staying creative and inspired?

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