3 Powerful Crystals For Money In Abundance

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Three crystals for money


We need it to live, but we don’t need it to be happy. We enjoy having it, some love to spend it while others hoard it. What is it?


Well, it’s nothing other than… (pause for dramatic effect) Money!


In a society that is driven by money, we need it to survive, especially if we want to live a good life.


There are many ways to attract money and prosperity in your life. Manifesting it in your life, working hard for it, and using crystals to raise your energetic vibration to attract money all work hand-in-hand.


If you don’t create an uninterrupted path for attracting money to you, you’ll have a hard time getting it and keeping it.


Money is energy


If you ignore money, it will ignore you. If you welcome it into your life, no matter how small or large the amount, you’ll be creating a safe place for it to dwell. And, like any other energy, once you nurture it and giving it attention it will start flowing in abundance.


I get that your brain will need some time to adapt to this type of thinking, especially if you’re used to working long hours at a job that doesn’t appreciate the time and energy that you’re giving them. 


What you focus on expands so you have to be mindful of your thoughts.


How can I attract money?


It starts with your mindset. If you’re not in the money frame of mind then you’re attracting something else to you. 


Evaluate your thoughts, what do you find yourself thinking most of the time? How do you feel about money?


If you think that’s the root of all evil then you have some serious mindset work to do. Before you can start using crystals to attract money to you, your mind has to be in the correct mindset.


If you think that you’re not worthy of money, then you’re unfortunately sending that energy to the universe and telling it that you don’t deserve the money that you actually need.


Start with your mindset


Write down all the things you believe about money.


Here are some popular ones to get you started:

Money makes the rich evil

To have money means you have to do something horrible like selling your soul

Money is the root of all evil


As you write your beliefs, I want you to state why you have that belief. That will indicate to you the root of that belief. By identifying the root, you now have the power to eliminate those limiting thoughts.


Money is an energy tool that allows you to get the things you want and need in this life. It allows you to help people in need, travel to see the beauties of this world, buy food to feed yourself and others, and provide yourself the means for shelter.


We live in a world where money is needed to live. Once you stop thinking negatively about it, you’ll begin to see your world change.


Most powerful crystals for wealth


Crystals provide the means to amplify your energy to receive money and prosperity in your life. Use and wear them correctly and you’ll be welcoming an abundance of wealth.


Always cleanse a crystal before you begin using it and recharge regularly. For more information on how to cleanse and recharge crystals especially if you’re a beginner, read this article. 


Some crystals require placement in the prosperity corner in your home or office. The prosperity corner is located in the far left corner of the room. Stand at the entrance of the room to determine your prosperity corner. It is also the south-west corner of the room if you want to be more specific.


Crystals for money and abundance 




There are two types of citrine crystals, the naturally occurring citrine or heat-treated amethyst. The naturally occurring citrine is more energetically powerful than the heat-treated amethyst. To tell the difference, look at the color. If the golden color of the citrine is extremely clear and saturated, it means that the stone is a heat-treated amethyst.


Helps with: Money, protection, healing, luck, self-image, creativity, clarity of thinking, manifestation, and new beginnings.


Chakra: Solar plexus 


Wear as a bracelet, ring, or necklace, place in your wallet, cash box, register, or prosperity corner.


Green Aventurine


Formed from quartz and other minerals, the green aventurine actually comes in different colors. Blues, reds, orange, yellows or whites with the most common color being green.


It is an energy amplifier.


Helps with: Prosperity, enhancing leadership abilities, unconditional love, and releasing anxiety.


Chakra: Heart


Wear it as a necklace or carry it in your wallet.





Historically, this ancient crystal has been used by shamans and warriors. Be cautious when purchasing this crystal and make sure that it’s real and not a dyed Howlite, which has a similar veining structure as turquoise.


It absorbs energy.


Helps with: Luck and prosperity, safe traveling, promotes clear vision, personal and spiritual power, speaking personal truths, giving voice to creative ideas, and harmony. 


Chakra: Throat 


Wear as a necklace, on your throat chakra during meditation, or in your chest pocket.


Use these three money-magnet crystals to amplify your money energy. Remember, in order for abundance energies to flow uninterrupted in your life, you must eliminate all blockage, starting with your limiting thought pattern.


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