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How To Not Be Attached To Your Goals

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It’s relatively easy to create an attachment to a goal that you’re working towards but if your goal is to succeed at whatever you have planned, then expecting them to manifest exactly how you see them is actually stifling them.


You must allow your goals to take shape and lead you to where you truly need to be. Attachment to goals will only hinder your growth process.


Why do we create an attachment to our personal goals?


Everyone has some aspect of a control issue. We want what we want, how we want it. If you move through life with that type of mentality, you are blocking your blessings from flowing freely.


Letting go of what we perceive as the outcome of our goals is the ultimate sacrifice and message to the universe that you completely trust it to guide your path the way it feels best.


Attachment issues are disguised as control issues. We want to control every aspect of our lives without understanding that we will never have control over some things. Trying to have power over them will only delay our progress.


I experience this type of control all the time and I’m working towards reading the signs that tell me to allow the universe to do what it does best, instead of trying to influence it towards the direction of my choosing.


We humans create a preconceived notion in our head of how our lives should go, step by step, year by year without factoring the fact that we don’t know the bigger picture for our lives.


We can set goals and work towards them but the direction that they point us can (and will) change over time. Creating an attachment to how those goals should manifest themselves is controlling the path instead of flowing with it.


A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at - Bruce Lee


“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”— Bruce Lee 


How to be free of attachments


Once you let go of how you perceive an outcome to be, you have successfully freed yourself from any attachments you’ve been holding onto.


Let life take you on a journey that amazes you nonstop.


Set your personal and career goals and work diligently towards them but don’t be surprised or fight the natural progression of things. 


Once you’ve made the decision to move forward on your path, the universe will guide you and make sure that you are on the correct path. Fighting the flow of things will only create dilemmas that cause pain and suffering.


If you evaluate your past through the practice of reflection, you’ll begin to connect the dots of all the signs that have led you in the direction to unlock your true potential.


Following those signs is taking one step further into becoming your divine self. Controlling the outcome and ignoring the signs will lead you down a path of self-destruction and unnecessary pain.


Eventually, you’ll begin to realize that even if you made a wrong turn, you can always get back on track. Don’t fight your intuition— that’s the guide that’s leading you to infinite blessings.


What are unhealthy attachments?


Holding on to things that you believe will put you in a box. To truly excel at anything, you have to step outside that box and have an open mind.


Opportunities can come from anywhere.


The moment you close your mind to a possibility, you begin to cut your opportunities off one by one.


Unhealthy attachments can manifest itself in ways that you might not be aware of.


For example,

Thinking that you should have a house, two kids, three cars, and the partner of your dreams by this point in your life is trying to control your life experiences. 


You’ve attached your thoughts to a way of life that society has convinced you are the only way to live a fulfilling life.


Letting go of those preconceived notions and allowing your life to take its own unique form is freeing yourself from all attachments.


You begin to understand and appreciate the fact that you have life, food to eat, somewhere to sleep at night, and people who love you no matter what. 


You might not be able to see it but your life is blessed with things that you need right now. If you don’t have everything you want at this moment, it’s because you’re not mentally ready for it and the universe knows it.


Shifting your focus to working on yourself will allow you to embody the frame of mind you need to begin accepting your blessings. This mind frameshift will be more beneficial to your goals, dreams, and ultimately your life.


You have to let go of what you think is right in order to step into what is meant for you.


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Jody is a creative writer, artist, graphic designer, and a digital nomad who also helps people live more fulfilling lives by finding creative solutions to their personal growth and development problems and lifestyle challenges.

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  1. Scout

    I agree 100%! Great tips on how to recognize unhealthy attachments and how to be free of them 🙂

    1. Jody

      Thanks Scout! I appreciate you reading the blog!

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