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I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t appreciate art.


I’ve noticed that whenever anything art-related is mentioned, people tend to break off into groups. Some are utterly confused by the meaning of art, while others appreciate looking at it. And then there are the ones who create it. Artists are the ones amongst us who haven’t suppressed their creative side. 


An artist is always observing, always soaking up every detail of everything that’s happening around them. They are the ones who are more likely to travel the world without fear and, at times, lock themselves away for months regurgitating all that they’ve absorbed.


The thing about art is, it’s not just a representation of a person’s imagination or a copy of nature. You too are a work of art. 


You show it in the way you present yourself to the world. 


So, is an artist born talented or are they just highly skilled?


I believe we are all born artists. Some grew out of their artistic phase quicker than most while others never leave the art realm. Even though we are all walking pieces of art, evidenced by the fashion world, some people embrace creativity with an undying passion because, frankly, they can’t stand anything else. 


If I just described you, then welcome my friend, you are an artist. Even if you can’t draw, sing, dance, or have your words make sense, you embody the spirit of a creative being and you should never lose your inquisitive nature.


We are all born talented, whether we choose to use that talent or not is ultimately up to us. So to answer the question, all artists are born talented. The dedication a person puts into developing their talent is what will ultimately separate the cream from the crop. 


Your life’s path is endless


Your purpose in life can, and will, take on many forms and for each of those forms, you’ll need the correct tools to help you along the way.


What does a beginner artist need?


First and foremost, you need to believe that you are capable of doing anything because the only person limiting you is yourself, no-one else but you.


Dedication and the drive to become better is what will fuel your motivation. These are the prerequisites of being an artist.



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What art supplies do artists need?


To answer this question, you need to discover the type of artist you want to be. What type of media will you be working with? Digital or analog? Do you want to develop your skills with a pencil and keep all your work on paper or do you want to eventually digitize your work?


Knowing where you want to go will help you to narrow down the essentials that you need.


I suggest starting with analog and then graduate to digital. There truly is no greater joy than filling a blank page with what’s in your mind and then bringing that creation to life. It’s a humbling experience.


Here are five products you’ll need to start your analog artist journey:










Colored pencils


If you want to take your analog journey a bit further and basically time-proof your drawing (because, unfortunately, pencil does fade over time), get a marker set to ink your creations so they will last.


Inking your pieces is a great segway into the digital side of the art world. When you’ve developed into a more seasoned creator, your tools will also need an upgrade.


Here are some tools you’ll need for your digital artist journey:



Computer with a pen tablet or

iPad with the Apple Pencil 

Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator)



These are all things I use and love. When I lost my way, they helped me reconnect with the art world at a deeper level than I could ever imagine.


Don’t stop creating, it’s really eye opening to see how you view and understand the world through your creations.


What’s a good gift for an artist?


If the artist is a beginner, get them one of these sets as a gift:


72 Professional Colored Pencils, Artist Pencils Set

40PCS Drawing Pencils Art Set

102 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set in Portable Wooden Case


Paint Brush Set of 16


If they’re intermediate to expert level, get them an IPad with the Apple Pencil. It’s worth every penny and they’ll love you to pieces for supporting their creativity.



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