5 Tips For Protecting Your Energy

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We are all infinite energy beings living in a temporary body, experiencing life, and learning who we are and what our true purpose is here on earth. Protecting your energy should be your top priority in every situation and life experience you encounter.


Even though we are supreme beings, only a fraction of ourselves exists in this realm. This version of ourselves has a limited supply of energy, so protecting it at all costs should be all that matters.


To keep your energy source from depleting, you have to find ways of conserving it.


When you protect your energy, you protect your thoughts, actions, and experiences; everything that makes you, you. By allowing negative influences in, you taint and deplete your energy source causing you to become jaded, and eventually depressed, which leaves you with no energy to do anything.


Think about it: if you have no physical energy to do anything, you won’t have the drive to think of goals you’d like to achieve— much less the motivation to accomplish them.


The importance of protecting your energy is to ultimately protect your goals and dreams, your drive and excitement for adventure, and your thirst for knowledge.


How to protect your energy


Have you ever been around someone who makes you feel physically drained whenever you leave their presence? If you just answered “yes” then you know what it’s like to feel like all your energy was sucked away.


Those types of negative people are referred to as energy vampires, they leech themselves onto you because it makes them feel better but at a great expense to you. You’re left feeling half alive and have to stop everything you’re doing to replenish your energy.


Negative people sometimes disguise themselves as friends and portray a falsehood of their intentions. Some people are aware of their actions while others are clueless as to what they’re actually doing to you. The clueless ones are the ones you have to watch out for, they’ll suck you dry without understanding why you suddenly have no energy to keep entertaining them.


Pay attention to how you feel whenever you’re around a person, especially when you first walk away from them. Don’t allow anyone to unload all their worries and fears on you and walk away feeling great while you’re stuck with their heaviness.


If a person truly cares about your well-being, they’ll be conscious about what they share and, most specifically, how they share it. If they don’t give you the chance to release their worries from your energy, they do not mean you well.


For example,

If you have a friend who only calls and hangs around when they’re having problems in their life, you need to cut them loose. They understand that when they’re feeling down, they can always call on you to make them feel better but once their life experiences start to resolve themselves and things start to get better, they disappear. Sorry to break it to you but that’s not a friendship.


A friend is a person who helps you when you’re in need, laughs whenever you’re laughing, is there for you through all your highs and lows without judgment, and without requiring anything from you but your true authentic self.


Withdraw your energy from people in your life who are inherently energy vampires. Practice being affectionately detached with them but always kind, gentle, sincere and loving towards them.”—Dandapani


5 Ways to Protect your energy


  1. Trust Yourself


Your instincts will never steer you in the wrong direction. If something feels off to you, most of the time it’s off. Observing the situation will give you more insight and proof that what you’re feeling isn’t to be ignored. 


  1. Learn to trust your community 


The friends, family, and associates you keep around you is ultimately a reflection of yourself. If you feel like you don’t belong even when you’re hanging with your ‘closest’ friends, chances are you have either evolved from their level or you were never welcomed, to begin with. 


Choose to be around people who elevate your thinking, push you to look at yourself, and become a better person.


People come into your life for three reasons; a lesson, a blessing, or both.


Some people were only meant to be in your life temporarily. Trying to make that person a permanent part of your life will only bring you unnecessary stress and anguish.


Evaluate the people who make up your community and if they have served their purpose, it’s time to move on and let them go.


  1. Find laughter in everything


Laughter is the best medicine. When you laugh, you can’t think of anything else. Your mind is clear and enjoying the feeling of your laughter.


If you’re in a stressful situation, break up the mood by laughing. This is a great way to help you evaluate what is worth keeping and what you should be releasing.


Laughing dissipates negative energies.


  1. Avoid Negativity


Negative energies drain your precious finite supply of personal energy. Staying away from anything you think is negative will protect your energy source.


Negative sources can include people, places, music, and things. Everything is alive and holds an energy source to it. Listen to your gut feeling and change course if everything feels off.


  1. Learn Your Triggers


Understanding your body and how it reacts in situations will help you to see and avoid negativity from afar. Don’t ignore the signs, the red lights, the brick walls that you keep running into. 


Instead of being hard-headed, try asking questions to evaluate what you’re missing in a particular situation.


Your body and mind will always try to warn you before any situation turns sour but if you’re not in tune with it, you’ll miss all the signals.


Use these tips to help you to protect your energy from being depleted. You can only bear so much weight on yourself. Don’t allow people to take advantage of you and use you as their energy dumping ground.


Treat energy the same way you treat money. It is a finite commodity that needs to be wisely invested.”— Dandapani




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