Is Oil Pulling At Night Safe?

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Should you do oil pulling at night?


Oil pulling has been in practice for around three thousand to five thousand years and is a vital part of the oral health practices of ayurvedic holistic medicine. Simply put, oil pulling is an ancient and traditional Indian remedy for great oral hygiene. 


I love oil pulling and rave about how it has helped make my gums stronger. I’ve suffered from gingivitis as a child into adulthood and oil pulling has been the only effective remedy that I can rely on. 


Practicing oil pulling at night or in the morning, right before you brush your teeth improves your overall oral health.


Benefits of oil pulling


oil pulling at night


  • Maintains and improves oral health


  • Strengthens teeth, gums, and jaw to prevent decay, bleeding gums, cracked lips, and dry throat.


  • Reduces plaque and gingivitis


  • Maintain the natural pH and flora balance of the mouth.


  • Prevents infections, when combined with regular tooth brushing and tongue cleaning.



  • Relieves headaches


These are all benefits that I’ve experienced from consistently doing oil pulling at night. 


The main reason I was pulling the oil through my teeth for twenty minutes every day was to get rid of and prevent the gingivitis that plagued me. So it was a pleasant surprise that I found relief from my constant headaches and saw improvement in my skin.


I realized that in order to keep optimal oral health I’d have to be consistent with oil pulling which wasn’t a problem.


On hectic days when I couldn’t do it in the mornings, I’d get my oil pulling in at nights.


Oral health = Overall health


Choosing Oils


The most effective oil with loads of impressive benefits is the unrefined sesame seed oil. Oil pulling with sesame oil is equally effective as chlorhexidine, a disinfectant chemical used to treat plague, and advised by the National Institute of Health to be used as a preventative home care remedy. 


An alternative oil that also has great antiseptic benefits is the unrefined coconut oil. Even though it’s not as effective as the sesame oil, clinically speaking, it is still great at improving oral health. 

These two oils are the best oils to consider getting for oil pulling.


How I do oil pulling


I’ve enhanced my oil pulling experience a bit and have introduced essential oils into the mix. I use tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties and peppermint oil for its minty refreshing flavor. Both essential oils have a ton of other benefits which means that while the oil is pulling the toxin and coating and healing my gums, the peppermint and tea tree are adding a super boost to keep my oral health at optimal levels.


You can always try to add essential oils to your mix but I recommend starting with only oil if you’re a complete beginner. 


When you’re ready to upgrade, which should be around three to six months, introduce one drop of peppermint and tea tree or any other essential oil that you prefer.



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How to do it


Take one tablespoon of the oil of your choice, sesame or coconut oil, into your mouth.

Pull the oil through your teeth, back and forth starting with five minutes minimum and moving up to twenty minutes max.

When your chosen time is up, spit all the oil in the sink or toilet and rinse your mouth with warm water immediately.

Always follow your oil pulling with brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue with a tongue cleaner.



Do not swallow the oil or swish longer than twenty minutes. 

The toxins that the oils just remove from your body are bonded with the oil and must be expelled from the body to avoid reabsorption. So spit it out!


Always check the grade of the oil to ensure that it’s safe to use. I stick with organic, unrefined oils to stay on the safe side.


Tools you need for optimal oral health


The toothbrush and tongue cleaner below are hands down the best I’ve ever used. The toothbrush is soft and feels like it’s massaging my teeth. It really makes me want to brush my teeth multiple times per day without having to remind myself.


The tongue cleaner is pure magic. I’ve always wondered if my mouth hygiene was good enough but once I started using the Orabrush that question evaporated. I can feel the clean!




Take care of your mouth― it’s the gateway to the rest of your body.





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