DIY Witch Hazel Face Toner For A Natural Glow

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Moving away from skin care products with chemical ingredients should be your top priority. If you haven’t realized by now, nothing that’s filled with toxic chemicals has ever been (or will ever) be good for your health, especially in the long run. Most products sell the illusion of a wonderful and unbelievably short fix to your skin problems but they come with a hefty price to pay later.


To guarantee that only the best and natural ingredients are being used in your products, sometimes you just have to do it yourself. Luckily this DIY toner is easy to make and only has three ingredients.


What can I use as a natural toner?


Nature has all the answers. 


Natural and organic ingredients should be the only ingredients that you use. Sometimes, finding a product that offers 100% natural plant-based ingredients is like trying to find a needle in a haystack but the good thing about determination is, if you really want it, you’ll find a way.


Always check the labels and do a quick google search of ingredients you’re unfamiliar with before you buy anything. If you have the ability and resources to make something from scratch, do it yourself.



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Products you’ll need to make a natural toner


Witch Hazel

Occasionally called winterbloom in America, these five plant species have been used in folklore medicine to heal skin irritations and inflammation. Benefits also include protection against skin damage, acne, and infections.


Lemon essential oil

Extracted from lemon peels, lemon essential oil is used to treat and prevent acne breakouts by purging bacteria trapped in pores, and promoting wound healing. 


Tea Tree essential oil

Made by steaming or crushing the leaves of the tea trees plant, this essential oil is used to fight acne, soothe inflammation, and clear dead skin.


Amber glass spray bottle 

Amber glass keeps ingredients inside it protected from harmful ultraviolet rays. The glass structure doesn’t break down, which prevents contamination of whatever is stored inside.


How do I make my own toner?


After sourcing your ingredients from the best providers or growing it and making your own (which is the best way to do this, with precautions of course) you’ll be ready to make your own toner.


It’s as simple as mixing a little bit of witch hazel and a few drops of essential oils and you’ll have yourself a natural toner ready for use to help keep your pores clean from buildup.


Best homemade DIY skin toner



1/4 cup of witch hazel

2-7 drops of lemon essential oil

2-7 drops of tea tree essential oil



Mix all ingredients together and store in an amber spray bottle for later use.

Store in a cool, dry area.


Your skin deserves the best, so only give it the best.


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