How Dedicated Are You To Your Success?

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Early mornings, late nights, no days off, pushing the envelope, eight days per week, all year round. Do you have what it takes to be successful? 


Being fully dedicated to your success means that sacrifices are a must. How far you’re willing to go is what will separate you from a dreamer who only dreams and a dreamer who brings their dreams to life a do-er. 


Even though it is a popular belief that you must work tirelessly if you want to be successful, I believe that you have to work smarter, not necessarily harder. Yes, there will be times when you feel like all you do is work.  However, I guarantee that it will feel a whole lot better putting in those 12-16 hour days for yourself rather than a corporation that doesn’t even know what your favorite color is.


How does dedication lead to success?


Dedication, commitment, and consistency lead to success. There’s no cheat code or way around it. There are definitely no shortcuts. If you want to excel at something, you have to put in the work. Think of it this way: if you don’t put your time, sweat, and commitment into something that you want out of life, then that thing doesn’t hold any true value to you. 


If you really love and want something, you can’t help but to think, eat, and breathe it every waking moment of your life.


Believing in the fact that you have the ability to shape the future that you keep dreaming about is the first step. Staying dedicated to bringing that dream alive through commitment and smart work is the key to open all the opportunities that are waiting for you to acknowledge them.


If you’re not happy in life, change it.


Are you dedicated to your success?


Having a goal that you’re working towards is a great first step in the process of being dedicated to your success. If you’re not working towards something, how will you know that you’ve achieved success? 


Sorry (not sorry) to burst your bubble but you have to have goals and dreams in life. You need to be willing to change whatever circumstances you’re currently in and replace it with how you envision your reality. 


Personal growth is a never-ending journey. 


When you stop pushing and challenging yourself to learn and achieve new things then you’re no longer living. You’re merely existing, going through the ebbs and flows of life reacting to situations instead of being actively present.


Start with a dream and assign a date to it.


That’s the simple and most effective way of making your dreams come true. A dream with a date becomes a goal and that automatically makes it achievable. It doesn’t matter if that goal takes you a lifetime to achieve, you must keep working towards making it a reality.


Your reason for wanting to achieve that goal is ultimately your driving force, your motivational coach when you feel overwhelmed, and a beacon of hope when all things seem impossible. 


It’s imperative that you find your why. It’s how you will become a dedicated person.


If you don’t know why you’re working towards a goal, it automatically becomes insignificant and the drive you need to get it done will not be there.


Your willingness to achieve that goal has to be greater than your level of comfort in order to invoke true dedication


 “Determination is nothing without dedication and hard work.” Eshraq Jiad


What does dedication mean for the entrepreneur?


Someone who is dedicated to their success, in business or in life, is someone who is willing to learn the skills that are beneficial to their growth and navigate the obstacles they will face without giving up after a frustrating day.


We are all humans and it’s normal to get overwhelmed and frustrated sometimes but how we operate through those frustrations is what will give us more confidence to keep pushing further and further. To learn a few tips on releasing frustration, click here.


When passion is involved, dedication becomes easy.


Passion and dedication work hand in hand, one without the other creates a problem with focus and commitment. 


If you’re not passionate about your goals and dreams then finding why you want to achieve those goals becomes difficult which, in turn, kills your dedication and commitment to making that goal come alive.


Passion + Your Why = Dedication


Dedication + Consistency = Success.


“Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination.” William Longgood


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